Submerged In Victory

Jaxon Chambers Is Named District Athlete at Rockwall Swim Meet.


James Hoekstra, Writer

Heritage, home to winners. On Saturday, Jan. 23, 2021, eight teams came together to compete in the Midlothian District swim meet. Of everyone on these teams, Jaxson Chambers was named district athlete of the swim meet at Rockwall.

A district athlete is an individual who scores the best accumulative points overall within the district. Heritage’s Jaxson Chambers won that award.

“Simply put, by scoring more points in individual things, which will all add towards the total,” Jaxson Chambers (11) said.

He earned this title with two first-place finishes.

“I won both the one hundred and two hundred,” Chambers said. 

This is a first here in Midlothian.

“It’s never happened in the history of Midlothian,” Coach Daniel Meager said.

But Chambers is far from the only exceptional one on the team.

“The whole team did really well, we advanced seven to regional,” Chambers said. “There are 44 teams in our region.” 

Swimmers can advance either as individuals or as a larger group, depending upon the event.

“Your relays advance you as a team, but for each individual event you advance individually,” Chambers said.

But swim’s just getting started, district is merely a stepping stone on the road to state.

“I’m pretty hyped about regionals,” Chambers said. “The first in regional gets to go to state”.