Karate Kid’s Next Generation

Review on Season 3 of Cobra Kai.

Karate Kids Next Generation

Lily Johnson, Writer

Cobra Kai, the continued generational story of the feuds between the Miyagi-Do, and the Cobra Kai dojo. From the original story of ‘Karate Kid’, this series takes on the children of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, taking place in our current year, continuing the saga of rivalry. If you grew up as a fan of the first few Karate Kid movies, then you’ll love this series. 

My parents found it on Netflix one day, and they started watching it. I happened to walk in on them watching it, peaking my interest. I eventually became obsessed, and we would binge the series every night. Overall, the acting and script are pretty entertaining, and it keeps my attention. I absolutely loved the old karate kid movies, so this was a true treat for me. There happens to be quite a few characters played by former Disney child actors. 

Danny LaRusso, the main character of the original karate kid movies, has a daughter in the new series named Samantha, played by Mary Mouser. She becomes interested in karate, and is one of the main characters of the series, obviously

One of the main antagonists of the series is Tory Nichols, who is a student at the Cobra Kai dojo, who is played by Peyton List, a well-known child actress most recognizable from the Disney series ‘Jessie’. Along with her is another antagonist by the name of Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz, played by Jacob Bertrand, known for various roles in Disney channel and Nickelodeon programs. 

The story begins as Johnny Lawrence, a former student of Cobra Kai, brings the old karate dojo back into the business. Feuds blossom as students enroll, and Danny LaRusso hopes to stop the evil before it’s too late. But, since there are already three seasons, you know that didn’t quite happen. 

Seeing the rivalry between the old and new characters is truly entertaining, and you are really trying to anticipate what comes next. I’ve caught myself sitting on the edge of my seat! We got to see a new perspective from a few characters, which helped us understand more about the backstories behind these characters, especially the antagonists of this series. 

In ‘Karate Kid 2’, Mr. Miyagi, our beloved Okinawan sensei, takes Danny to his small village back in Okinawa, as he must handle family matters. Danny meets the niece of Mr. Miyagi’s former lover. They form a friendship and a small but temporary romance. In the new Netflix series, Danny must go to Japan for an important business meeting that could save his entire business from disaster. He decided to take a trip to Okinawa, where he just happened to bump into that special friend, Kumiko, the niece of Miyagi’s former lover. Danny gets set up to meet with his old Okinawan rival, Chozen, by Kumiko. Hehe what an amazing plot, am I right? This episode was truly entertaining and heartwarming, in a way. 

The end of the series truly has me excited but fearful for season four. If you’ve seen the karate kid movies, maybe you’ll remember a specific character. Terry Silver, oh how must of us probably loathed him. I am suspecting they are bringing Terry back in season 4… Kreese, the other man we turn our noses up at, is seen making a call to what seems to be an old friend, to help him bring down the LaRusso’s, and the rest of the Miyagi-Do students. I’m super excited, but again, fearful. 

If you haven’t watched Cobra Kai, you really need to. It’s a 10 out of 10 series for me. I absolutely love it, and I’m sure you will too. I loved the original karate kid movies. After seeing Mr. Miyagi, I always felt like I wanted someone in my life like him, I guess. The soundtrack was really good too, I’ll admit. I used to listen to the soundtrack while I worked out. The plot of Cobra Kai is different compared to the original movies, but it is still really good, and entertaining.