A Thawed Out Tournament

Annual Frostbite Tournament Takes Place This Past Month.


Isabella McAllister, Newspaper Editor-In-Chief

As the same cold and windy weather continues to roll in, so do the same players hustling back and forth down the field. They kick and chase the ball in a fight for the winning spot. The fight is tough, but the players are determined. 

The varsity boys soccer team competed in the annual Frostbite Tournament from Jan. 14 through the 16. One game took place at Heritage High School and two at the MISD Stadium, in competition with one 4A and two 5A schools. The final results of the games were one win, one tie, and one loss. 

“We are always trying to encourage each other,” Calvin Duggins (11) said. “Especially since it’s pre-season and we are just trying to figure out things before district.”

The varsity team builds their teamwork and focuses on a specific game plan for future games. 

“There was no big moment that stood out,” Coach Cashan Clark said. “I was pleased to see the team compete in conditions that we have not encountered this year.”

Even though there was no big highlight of the game, the circumstances the boys played in were impressive. 

“Our team worked well in the midfield as we have been working on our strategy for the past few weeks,” Elliot Moore (12) said.

Even when the team is facing a challenge, they pull through and fight for the win. 

“Our team works really well when we are down,” Haydon Wiginton (12) said. “We just play our game and it works out.”

As the season gets closer to vital district games, the varsity team works together to improve their skills. 

“Our team could improve on one on one defense for our attackers,” Moore said. “Many attacks could be stopped by a strong defense up top.”

Even though the boys played well, the team is continuously working towards bettering themselves.

“We are slowly getting to where we need to be to compete for a district championship,” Clark said. “I was very happy with the way the team played, but we saw lots of room for improvement.”