Crying While Driving Through the Suburbs, Red Lights, and A Beautiful Masterpiece

Review of Olivia Rodrigo’s New Song Drivers License


Isabella McAllister, Newspaper Editor-In-Chief

“Drivers License” is a new song that came out recently by Olivia Rodrigo. There have been many mixed reviews from people, and I feel like this is a song you either love or hate. But for me, I absolutely love this masterpiece. This song is filled with pouring passion, intensity, and feeling. The music video even just makes the song even better and fits so well together, unlike some artists whose music videos do not go along with the meaning of their song. 

Is it too early to decide my song of the year on Spotify? The introduction of the song starts with the car going into the music and the beat just starts off this piece of art. Now I have not listened to Olivia Rodrigo consistently or watched her in the cheesy remakes of High School Musical, but I have heard one other song of hers and I enjoyed it very much. 

When you listen to the actual words and meaning of this song it seems pretty cliche. A 17-year-old girl finally gets her license and she wants to share the good news with her boyfriend, but they are no longer together. She talks about how he is with a new, older, blonde girl. Olivia, the songwriter, even adds how this new girl is “everything I’m insecure about.” That line right there is very basic, but in teens today I feel like that is a very relevant topic. Some people listening to this would just believe that this girl is simply too attached and too naive to know real love. 

It touches on the other person moving on first and in the song it states, “how you could be so okay now that I’m gone.” That one hits very deep because of knowing what that feels like to me. Especially watching someone walk out of your life and find happiness of their own before you are able to do so. For people who have never felt or been in love, I feel like they can never really understand or relate to this song as others can. 

Some people would try to argue that this song is just like all of the others and is just a stupid teenage breakup. And yeah sure it is like most of the songs on the radio that we hear about a girl being heartbroken over a guy, but we like to hear it. It doesn’t have to be to older people or “true love” for it to be a good song. Heartbreak is heartbreak, and I think this song shows that very clear. You do not have to be older to experience pain from a breakup. It all hurts in the end no matter how mature or old we are. That is something that I like a lot about this song very deeply. 

This song makes me feel like I am in a movie and I am screaming it at the top of my lungs with all of my windows rolled down. The voice, the words, and the emotion is everything. It just makes me feel so many emotions. I am not going through a breakup, but if I was this would be my song for sure. But I think how she describes how she feels is how I would feel. “Cause’ you said forever, now I drive alone past your street.” ICONIC. It is just WOW. It is so powerful and deep. It is so simple, but when you hear words and emotions come from her it just sparks so much within me. 

Overall, I give this song all my heart. I will also bet anyone that this song will most likely be one of my most played on Spotify by the end of the year. It is just filled with so much hurt and feeling, and that is what makes this song so good. Music in general is just such a good outlet for so many things, and sad/breakup music just hits the soul in a different way. Sad music is the best music and will forever be the best music in my eyes, and I will argue with anyone on that any day.