Wintery Win In Waxahachie

Varsity Girl’s Soccer Compete in Waxahachie Tournament.


Isabella McAllister, Newspaper Editor-In-Chief

The games were windy and cold with temperatures in the 40s. The girls put up a hard fight and continue to run across the field, despite being tired. Whistles blow and fans shout to their players. But, as the days go on the weather clears up and the players get more motivated and finish with a final win. 

The varsity girl’s soccer team competed in the Waxahachie Tournament on Jan. 7-9. The girl’s team went 3-0 and ended up winning all of their games. Despite it being cold and windy the girls continued to play. 

“One thing we did really well on is increasing our possession and unselfishness with the ball,” Paisley Mabra (9) said.

The girls use opportunities like these to improve together as a team. 

“Though we definitely make lots of shot opportunities for ourselves, actually capitalizing and making our shots is one this we could improve on,” Brynn Pollock (11) said.

Even though the varsity team played and is currently doing really well, they always believe that there is room for improvement on the field and with each other. 

“One of the things my team does during the hard parts of the game is to communicate and encourage each other, so it makes it less difficult,” Kylar Kenter (12) said. 

The girls continue to grow closer over time and build that relationship in order to be a team on and off the field. 

“We never let anything come between us and the end goal we know what we have to do, and we get it done,” Jaedyn Barela (12) said.