Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

Isabella McAllister, Newspaper Editor-In-Chief

Dear Readers,

I first want to thank you for taking the time to come to our online newspaper! This semester our writers have accomplished a lot and worked very hard to put out content that you want to see. Those things have ranged from entertainment reviews of recent media, how our students are affected by current COVID regulations, sports updates, and even opinionated or controversial topics. As this semester ends, we are working very hard to continue to put out great content and create ideas for next semester. As this next semester will be my last, I personally will do my best to post as many stories as possible and make the best of my last months as the Editor-In-Chief of the newspaper. Our team of writers, photographers, and videographers work very hard on the content that is put out on this website. I hope that this publication will continue to be an outlet for the student body, teachers, staff, and others as something relatable and enjoyable. If you have any input or questions about Jaguar Media or our website, feel free to talk to Mrs. Kidder, any of our staffers, or me personally. I hope you enjoy our website and happy holidays!


Thank you,

Newspaper Editor-In-Chief

Isabella McAllister