I Don’t Need A Real Girl, I Need A Holidate

Review of the Netflix Film “Holidate”

I Don't Need A Real Girl, I Need A Holidate

Isabella McAllister, Newspaper Editor-In-Chief

“Holidate” is a new movie on Netflix. A lot of people have been hating on the film but I particularly fell in love with this rom-com. It is extremely funny and sarcastic and I absolutely LOVE it. I feel like Emma Roberts played this character very well. It seems honest like she was just being herself. I have never seen Luke Bracey, who plays Jackson, act before but I think he did very well! He is also a very beautiful human. The two actors just seem like they fit together so well. 

The main character, Sloane, is tired of her family making her feel bad for not being married or being in a relationship. Her mother gives her such a hard time about everything she does from what she dresses like to the fact that she works from home to her not wearing a face full of makeup all the time. She feels like she just isn’t ready for a relationship after her boyfriend cheated on her. But she is extremely fed up with her family pressuring her to be in a relationship. 

Sloane gets an idea from her tacky, cakey makeup covered, and over plastic-looking aunt who brings home a random guy every single holiday. A holidate is when you bring someone over or home only for the holidays and there is no commitment. This allows you to not feel so lonely but you aren’t having to commit to anything or be in an actual relationship. 

Sloane meets this Australian guy, named Jackson, at the mall when she is trying to return some oversized pajama pants her sister got her. The two strangers end up deciding on becoming each other’s holidate for the next year of holidays. This includes all major and minor holidays that most people do not celebrate. They literally celebrate any holiday you can think of. From the classic holidays like New Year’s and Easter to the ones most people would not regularly set the whole day to celebrate like St. Patricks Day or Cinco de Mayo. Most of these holidays just consist of partying and embarrassing things happening to the two. One example of this is when Jackson and Sloan try to recreate the “Dirty Dancing” lift on New Year’s and are doing good. But then Sloane’s dress rips, majorly fails, and she ends up face planting onto the floor. Also, the constant references from the movie made me so happy considering that is another one of my favorite movies. 

They grow their friendship more and more throughout the movie. As they continue to do holidays together you can tell Jackson is starting to fall for Sloane, but he doesn’t want to admit it and she doesn’t want to admit her feelings either. After a situation happens things become awkward between the two and they go their separate ways and stop being each other’s “holidate.” After a deep conversation with her aunt about how she wishes she was not scared of commitment, and after spending Thanksgiving without Jackson, Sloane wants to tell him how she feels. After passing Jackson in the mall she finally gets the courage to get his attention. Like in any cheesy movie, Sloane stands on a Santa chair in the mall and uses a microphone to make sure Jackson can hear how she feels. Of course, they end up together.  

This movie is probably my all-time favorite movie now. It is filled with so much comedy but also so much cheesy love. The characters genuinely seem like they are in love, and I kind of wish they would date in real life. So many parts of this movie made me laugh and some made me tear up. It shows a lot of vulnerability between the character’s relationships as well. Overall, I recommend this movie to literally anyone. You might just have to have a good sense of humor. While this movie is full of bad jokes, inappropriate humor, and what some consider a bad script, I enjoyed every single part of it.