PUFFS: The Story of the Side Characters

Heritage Puts On A Magical Play.


James Hoekstra, Writer

Heritage Theater presents…PUFFS. A fantastical story about an ordinary boy who finds out he’s a wizard and spends seven years at magic school. When Wayne Hopkins (Matthew Anderson), an ordinary boy from New Mexico, finds out he has magic, he is whisked away to a magic school, where he must prepare for seven years of insane magic adventures and disasters. 

The show opens Friday night, at 7 p.m. In the Heritage Highschool cafetorium. Student tickets are $7 and Adult tickets are $10. Other showtimes are Saturday at 2 and 7 p.m.

“We put in a lot of hard work into [PUFFS] and it has really paid off,” Skylar Cunningham (11) said. “It only took us about four to five weeks.”

Impressive timing aside, the show is set up to be fantastic, another in a long line of Heritage Theater’s plays.

“It’s bound to be at least on par with our other shows, if not better,” Matthew Anderson (12) said. “Everyone’s been so focused”.

Set in this amazing magical world, PUFFS follows several unconventional heroes.

“It’s all about the side characters in a certain famous wizard story,” Lauren Snow (12) said.

These characters, the PUFFS, attend a certain school of female magic and male magic.

“It is a really funny play about this group of wizards who despite their differences make an amazing team,” Adrienne Schumacher (12) said.

PUFFS is mainly a comedy but contains a surprising amount of depth.

“It’s very funny but with a lot of heart,” Director Amy Brown said. 

The heart is stored in the play’s beautiful message of self-acceptance.

“It’s about accepting yourself, however, you are, and learning to not be so harsh,” Schumacher said.