Headed To The Top

Three Students Commit to Colleges to Play Sports.


Rachel Allen commits to Dallas Baptist University to play soccer.

Isabella McAllister, Newspaper Editor-In-Chief

You play your heart out every single game, pushing yourself just a little more each time. Maybe, just maybe this game will be different. You hope that maybe this game the college scouts will notice you out of all of the other players across the field. Maybe your talent will finally show through. 

This week three seniors signed to different colleges to play sports next school year. Rachel Allen, Zoe Isom, and Blake Wihoite all made it official with their selected colleges to further their education and athletic career at Dallas Baptist University, Vernon College, and Franks Phillips College. Most of them knew that they wanted to continue sports throughout college, but were unsure of where to do so. 

“I knew I wanted to play in college,” Zoe Isom (12) said. “I just didn’t know where.”

These students have always known that they wanted to play sports in college. Isom plans to play softball and Wilhoite plans to play baseball for a college that is sixth in the country. 

“It feels amazing,” Blake Wilhoite (12) said. “Especially with this crazy year, it is like a truck has been lifted from my shoulders knowing someone wants you.”

The seniors that have been signed feel a sense of relief, and they know that they have done their part.

“By turning coaches’ heads, especially DBU’s has made me feel that the hard work is doing day in and day out,” Rachel Allen (12) said. 

Allen is planning on playing soccer at Dallas Baptist University and believes that she has finally been recognized for her hard work. Just like the other students have put in their share of tough effort. 

“I proved to myself, my family, and my team that I was good enough to make it this far,” Zoe Isom (12) said. 

At times these senior athletes did not believe that their end goals would ever be met. 

“There were times when I thought maybe this dream wouldn’t be fulfilled,” Allen said. “But I always knew in the back of my head everything happens for a reason.”