The Wondrous World of Webtoon

Review of the App Webtoon

The Wondrous World of Webtoon

Sarah Haylow, Writer

We all face daily struggles in life such as getting out of bed, doing chores, going to school, and going to work. In the face of these things, however, is a bright and shining light that gives me hope and inspires me to make it the next day and that thing is Webtoon. Webtoon is free to download the app where users all over the world can create, post, and read online comics. It’s a world that is really easy to get lost in and I’ve been a fan and user of the app for over two years now.

Artists who upload their work to Webtoon and who are partnered with the app typically work on a weekly schedule, meaning I don’t know what day it is until a Webtoon I read updates. Most artists upload their work by chapter, so once a week system gives creators the freedom to work through the week to finish their chapter and get it posted before the deadline. Some creators have more flexible schedules due to the fact that their chapters are usually less labor-intensive and are able to usually update every other day.

The layout of Webtoon is fairly easy to navigate. You have your “For You” page, which consists of the days’ uploaded comics, as well as the top stories for that week and some recommended stories from the Webtoon staff and community. Most of this page includes recommended stories that are catered towards you and your personal tastes based on previous comics you have read.

The “Originals” page shows a weekly overview of the Webtoon original comics that are planned to release throughout the week. This particular page is really helpful for me since, as I said, I never know what day it is.

The “Canvas” page is free for all types of pages where new, trending and other generally recommended stories are suggested to the user. This is a good place to find new comics to read as well as search for specific stories that you’re trying to find. This is also a place where you’ll find a lot of the works that aren’t Webtoon officials. It’s a good way of finding and supporting new and up and coming artists and storytellers.

The “My” page contains all of your subscribed content, as well as the comics that you’ve chosen to download. Downloading a comic means you don’t have to be connected to the internet to read it, which is a bonus.

The last page is the “More” page, which is essentially the page that you go to when you want to change something in your settings or when you want to buy coins.

Coins are a buyable feature of the app that allows the user to purchase chapters that artists have made in advance. It’s one of the ways that the app is able to create revenue and I have to restrain myself daily from spending all my money on coins. Seriously, it’s a dangerous thing so I’d be careful when navigating the app. Don’t fall into the same coin hole I have.

Sure the interface is easy to understand and use, but it’s time to answer the question on everyone’s mind: “Are the comics any good?”. This, of course, is a matter of opinion. There are things that set the good webtoons apart from the not so great ones though.

Earlier I teased at the fact that there are things called “Featured Webtoons”, which are basically comics made by creators on the app that the Webtoon gods have deemed worthy. They get the most support in advertising and are usually on the front page of the app. Starting with those is usually a safe bet, as they are all usually of high quality in both story and visuals.

You can’t knock any non-Featured Webtoon until you try it though, I’ve come across many great stories that weren’t featured. Sometimes a magical moment will happen though and an unfeatured Webtoon will get noticed by Webtoon and then it gets a reboot! That’s always an exciting thing that happens for both the artist and the readers.

Finally, there are my personal favorites. For the sake of not spoiling them, I’ll avoid going into too much detail about their stories. The first one that comes to mind (and the one that is my favorite) is ‘Refund High School’. The story is about a girl who dies but gets a shot at reincarnation. In order to do that though she has to attend a reincarnation high school and she meets all kinds of crazy people along the way. This is a Featured Webtoon that is actually completely finished, so if you’re interested then go binge to your heart’s content.

‘SubZero’ is a story about two nations at war, both being led by rulers who are human descendants of dragons. In an attempt to stop the war, a marriage between two of the dragons is arranged and a lot of political backlashes ensue. It’s a really interesting and exciting story and I get excited every time it updates!

The last story I’ll mention is ‘Lore Olympus’. It deals with some sensitive themes, so be aware of that when going in. The story is about modern-day Greek Mythology and follows a modern retelling of the love story between the Goddess of Spring Persephone and the God of the Underworld Hades. It’s so cute and the art is really unique and amazing.

If you couldn’t tell by how many words are in this article, I really love Webtoon and I am surprised I haven’t written about it sooner. It truly gives me something to look forward to every day and I love having something new to read with my lunch. I would highly (HIGHLY) recommend the app and the stories I mentioned, as well as going out and discovering your own favorites!