So We’re Just Going to Pretend it Didn’t Happen, Huh?

The Lasting Effects of COVID19


Julia Alley, Writer

Now, I know we’re all getting really sick of talking about this subject, but COVID is the main point of focus for almost everyone on Earth right now, so I think it’s still relevant. With all of these discussions surrounding the virus constantly transpiring, I don’t believe there’s been enough consideration of possible improvements to be made moving forward. 


It should be noted that this is the first time me and many other people my age have seen something like this happening. Clearly, pandemics aren’t a common occurrence, but other generations have witnessed events that affected the world in ways at least similar to this. For a good portion of people though this is the only event of this magnitude that we’ve ever witnessed. Therefore, I can’t fathom the world just reverting back to normal after this, but, bizarrely enough, it seems that masses of people expect it to. It’s possible that I’m just young and naive, but the idea that we will simply move on with no reform feels insane and irresponsible. Of course we’re all going to be a little more thorough with our hand-washing, but in the end that’s trivial when compared to some of the other negligences that got us to where we are. 


Additionally, I worry that this will just create a greater divide among people across the globe. Every decision made in the past couple months regarding the virus has been met with protests. It almost feels like people are just disagreeing to disagree. Maybe that’s the way it’s always been and I just wasn’t paying attention. Obviously, there was never going to be a simple answer, but it’s become impossible to make any progress when every step forward is met with equal parts support and protest. In the past with worldwide issues like this it always seemed to unify the country afterwards, but already you can see that there won’t be much cohesion after this passes. Perhaps it will be good that won’t all collectively attack as that has a tendency to give way to radicalism. On the other hand, it might just lead to even more alienation among the public. Either way, I know that nothing I do will truly influence the outcome of all this. 


All things considered, I can’t predict the steps that the world will take following this. I find it difficult not to worry about the state of things, but I have to remember that I alone do not have any of the power in this scenario. I believe that’s starting to become a recurring thought. Obviously, I have hope that everyone will react with maturity and grace, but it’s not too likely.