Rediscovering Piano


Maxie Eller, Newspaper Managing-Editor

Music is the sound of life. Maybe that’s why our hearts have beats. Music is an expression of the soul and our deepest feelings. It conveys ideas and emotions that words can’t express and art can’t show. Without music, humanity would be at a loss. One of the greatest instruments of all time is the piano. 


Music should make you feel something. While drums cause armies to march and trumpets excite crowds, it is the piano that truly encompasses the soul. The sounds that the piano makes are different from anything else. They’re soft and comforting. They can change from uplifting to heartbreaking in an instant. Pianos encompass both harmony and melody, a feat that no other instrument can replicate. 


Learning to play the piano requires both patience and persistence. I took piano lessons for five years when I was younger and it was not easy. With eighty-eight keys to master along with their respective chords, it took long hours of practice before I felt even remotely competent. The thing with the piano is that it never leaves. There is a part of me that still taps out melodies with my fingers, something that my friends tease me about. Piano just becomes a part of who you are. 


There are certainly many life lessons that come from playing the piano. It is an instrument that represents harmony. A balance of black and white, harmony and melody. Just as in life, one wrong move can result in a sour note. These wrong notes teach that you have to try again and move forward. Maybe the song isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. 


Physically, you wouldn’t think that the piano would be hard to play. It’s just sitting and pounding on keys, right? Wrong. Piano requires the use of both hands and even the use of feet at times when there are pedals involved. It can be challenging to have each hand playing different notes on different ends of the keyboard, but that’s part of the fun. The keys have to be pressed down with a certain amount of pressure to make them sound different. 


Pianos are not only just for entertainment. They also have many medical benefits such as increased neural connections and brain stimulation. It has been proven that playing the piano decreases stress and increases positivity. Playing the piano is relaxing and enjoyable. It is no wonder that so many would want to play. 


While they may be overlooked by many, pianos certainly prove themselves as one of the best instruments. With their practical uses and beautiful sounds, pianos are a key part of music and should be remembered.