10 Activities to do During Quarantine


Sarah Haylow, Writer

We’re all currently experiencing a time like no other. I think it’s safe to say that none of us expected to be in this situation, but alas. If anyone here is like me, they are currently trying to stay inside as much as possible and are trying to come up with creative ways to keep themselves busy during this time of self quarantine. So to help do our part to stop the spread of the virus and to keep ourselves entertained whilst doing so, here is my top 10 list of things to do during quarantine!


1. Spend Time With Family


Let’s face it, we’re all stuck with family members at the moment. Some of us probably find it infuriating to be stuck inside with siblings or parents all day, but I have been trying to make the most of it! My family and I have been spending a lot of time playing board games and sharing meals together! We’ve been watching movies and have been trying to actively bond during this time of self isolation.


2. Learn Something New


With all of this spare time on my hands, I have been trying to teach myself things that I have always wanted to learn. During our extra week of spring break I have been focusing a lot of my energy on drawing something every day, as I have always wanted to become a better artist. I think it is always important to widen our abilities and to actively try to teach ourselves new things, as it will always give us something to do. I encourage everyone to pick up a new hobby or to try something they have always wanted to try!


3. Read


I know as well as anyone reading this that the temptation to be on my phone during all of my spare time is really enticing, but I’ve been making an effort to try to do more than occupy my mind with the internet. The internet can be a depressing place and it’s nice to break away from that and delve into the world of fiction (or non- fiction!). I am already a bookworm, so I already have a stack of books that are just begging for me to read them. I have been trying to read a little every day rather than be on my phone 24/7, as I think that it is a healthier thing to do.


4. Stay Organized and Clean


This isn’t everyone’s thing and I completely understand. I can not live with myself however if my environment is messy, so I’ve been trying to clean out parts of my room and house over the past few days. Living in clutter and mess will make you feel like a mess and nobody likes that. It is extremely important that we all maintain a healthy and positive mindset during this time and that is really hard to do when we are living in a space that does nothing but stress us out. So bust out your dusters and start cleaning!


5. Take Care of Yourself


This is related to my last point in that if you are a mess, you feel like a mess. Some of us take personal hygeine and self care seriously only when we know we’re going to be in public. Don’t let yourself sit in your own filth!! Get up and take a bubble bath, a shower, paint your nails, and get out of your pajamas! Self care isn’t all about hygeine though. I know about 75% of the people reading this are probably sleep deprived, so go take a nap! Allow yourself to rest now that you have some spare time! Do some stretches, go for a run, drink a bottle of water! Now is the perfect time to have some YOU time!


6. Spend Time With Your Pets


This is something I have been personally trying to do. I know that I tend to get preoccupied with my own life and forget to spend quality time with my dogs, so I’ve been trying to get them up and out on a walk every day! Go take your dogs for a walk, play with your dog or cat, let your hamster roll around in its ball, stare at your fish for a little longer than you normally do, go ride your horse! I am running out of animals to talk about, but if you have one go spend time with it!


7. Indulge In Your Hobbies


We all tend to live in the mindset that we are too busy for the things we love, so we neglect the things that make us the most happy. I have a love for video games, writing, and reading so I have been using my spare time to do those things! I actually finished a game that has taken me a whole three years to finish (I cried happy tears when I was done) and am close to finishing reading my third book! I have also been working on a short story that I am passionate about! Letting yourself do the things you enjoy just makes you feel GOOD and we all need to feel that right now.


8. Bake or Cook


Baking is equal parts frustrating and fullfilling for me, so I’ve been trying to dabble in it a little during my time in quarantine. It feels good to create something from scratch and it gives you something to snack on when you’re bored. I’ve also been trying to help my mom cook dinner at night, which has been fun! You can experiment with new recipes or different types of spices or flavors or you can make something unique to your family! Either way, I think baking or cooking is a fun thing you can do to pass the time.


9. Go Outside


By ‘go outside’ I mean go into your backyard or something. Don’t go out in public (social distancing people!). Go plant some flowers, go listen to the birds, go for a walk in your neighborhood, go play fetch with your dog! Being in nature is incredibly relaxing in my opinion and I think we could all stand to get some good old vitamin D.


10. Go For A Hike


This is basically an expansion on my last point, but go for a hike! I am a huge fan of hiking and like to go when the weather permits. It’s a good way to kind of be in public (it’ll at least get you out of the house!) and to get some exercise. Surrounding yourself with nature and getting away from people is refreshing and I would highly reccommend it to anyone who is looking for something to do.