19 Movies to Watch During COVID-19

19 Movies to Watch During COVID-19

Lauren Curtis and Erin Green

There’s a lot of unknowns we as a student body and community are facing right now. Unanswered questions, missed oppurtunities and painstaking boredom are looming over us in a way this generation has never experienced. Thankfully, this is 2020, and while we wait couped up in our homes for good news, countless outlets of entertainment rest at our fingertips. Nothing quite does the trick of getting you out of your mind like watching a good movie, so we compiled a list of 19 films you can watch while practicing social distancing.



1. “Sleepover” –


This movie was my childhood, and in times like this, it’s nice to be reminded of much simpler days when ‘Corona’ was just the name of the beer my dad would occasionally drink on weekends. None of us can see our friends right now, so live vicariously through Julie as she has the best birthday party a preteen could ever imagine.


2. “Failure to Launch” – 


Ah, the classic rom-com. Nothing better to get your mind off your problems than watching a cute, funny, slightly stupid film about love. It’s about a woman who’s hired to date a man by his parents as a ploy to get him to move out of their house. But of course, things don’t quite go as planned.


3. “The Theory of Everything” –


This movie based on real-life events follows Stephen Hawking as he faces the laborious challenges of Lou Gehrig’s disease. It’s profound, heart-rending and inspiring. Definitely a film everyone needs to see.


4. “Inception” – 


A mind-bending thriller that requires your full and undivided attention for you to begin to grasp it. After you’re done you may have to search up analysis videos and explanations for you to actually comprehend the absurdness you just watched, but that’s okay; we have nothing but time on our hands.


5. “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” –


When Scott Pilgrim meets Ramona Flowers, a pretty girl with ever-changing hair, he must defeat her seven evil exes in order to be with her. It’s weird in the best way possible, and the perfect film to watch while social distancing.


6. “About Time” –


I’m usually not one for supernatural or mystical storylines, but this movie explores the concept of time traveling in such an organic and effortless way that anyone could enjoy it. Tim Lake has the ultimate advantage in life: the ability to know exactly what’s going to happen and what he can do to fix it. So he dedicates himself to aligning his past with Mary to make sure their future can be lived together. A heart-warming movie that is bound to bring you joy in such trying times.


7. “Gone” – 


Just as Jill–a previous-kidnapping victim–starts to adjust back into her normal life, she discovers her sister has gone missing. No one can convince her that her sibling wasn’t abducted by the same man who took her. This mystery-thriller starring Amanda Seyfried will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, so go give it a watch.


8. “Murder Mystery” – 


A Netflix Original that has been out for quite some time, but this murder-mystery is also very comedic. A couple, played by Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, decide to take a trip and end up on a billionaire’s yacht. They quickly scramble to find out who committed the crime that takes the audience on an adventure. 


9. “Lil Peep Everybody’s Everything” – 


Lil Peep’s rise to fame was made into a documentary that is on Netflix now. It encompasses the life of someone who does tours, the stress of publicity, and even how Lil Peep was feeling during this time. Even though many may not be a fan of his work, it is a slap in the face of just how difficult it truly can be to become famous


10.“Burlesque” –


An awestruck girl with dreams of becoming a famous performer who packs her bags and heads to Los Angeles. She is having to learn the ins and outs of LA all while trying to navigate through life as an uprising star.   


11. “Space Jam” – 


The classic childhood movie starring the one and only Bugs Bunny. Villians try to capture the infamous bunny, but he challenges them to a basketball game. Alongside Bugs is famous NBA basketball player Michael Jordan, who helps him save the day.


12.  “The Parent Trap” – 


Two twins accidentally run into each other at a camp, giving them time to form a mischievous plan to switch into each other’s lives and meet the other parent they have been missing. By the end of this switch, the parents might just get back together. 


13. “Dear John” – 


Romance movies are always a go-to when deciding what to watch, however, this one will have you longing for your own version of John. It’s a story about a U.S. soldier and a college student falling in love and sending letters back in forth during this time. Believe me, you will not regret watching how their story unfolds. 


14. “Hairspray” –


In this 1960s-based musical, teenagers have to navigate high school while also adapting to the cultural changes that were occurring around them. It has an upbeat feel but also manages to talk about the important events that were happening during this time. 


15. “The Great Gatsby” – 


Based on the classic 1925 novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, this film tells the tale of a man hopelessly infatuated with a married woman and the unbelievably extravagant ways he and other wealthy people live during one of the most dreamed-about decades the world has ever seen, the Roaring Twenties. I recommend the newer version because it’s beautiful, but the original is a must-watch as well.


16. “Twilight” Series – 


Whether we want to admit it or not, we’ve all seen at least one of the films in the popular 5-movie saga. Regardless if you want to relive Bella and Edward’s dramatic vampire love story or just like making fun of it, it’s always a fun time while watching “Twilight”.


17. “High School Musical” Series – 


A true staple of our childhoods. While we’re all currently missing the experience of an ordinary school year, rewatch the movie series that gave us all the most unrealistic expectations of what high school would be like. 


18. “My Girl” – 


A coming-of-age movie starring a boy and a girl that just so happens to be best friends. Summer for them is full of sweet moments, difficult obstacles and the challenge of growing up. You might want to keep a box of tissues on standby.


19. “Hitch” – 


When a dating mentor played by Will Smith fails to woo the affections of a gossip columnist, he starts to question his own advice and tricks.