Tik Tok: A Different Kind of Social Media

Benefits of New Social Media Platform


Cade Campbell, Writer

There have been many social media platforms emerge over the past decade, with Snapchat being the most prominent for our age. But there’s one that’s been recently made that’s different from the rest. And that one is Tik Tok. Tik Tok is beneficial to society because it allows people to spread creativity as well as connecting people and communities that would not have clashed before.


Tik Tok has allowed flowing creativity to flow through society, each person making their own interpretations of a similar thing, whether it’s a trend or a sound being used in the video that’s being made. Some people even go off into their own path and make things different from other people, inspiring others to do the same. 


I honestly used to hate Tik Tok, but once I got it because every else did, I began to love it, and I’m honestly on it all the time, laughing at funny or stupid videos, simping on girls (obviously), and in awe of some people’s creativity and effort put into their videos.


Somehow, seeing all these people on the app do these things, inspires others to do them, or others to post their own videos, makes for an interesting app with multiple points of view of the same things.


There’s also many, the majority actually, who don’t post anything but instead just watch and enjoy the content that’s available to them. Most people get on the app while they’re bored, as it’s much more fun to watch videos made by people of the generation than to scroll through endless posts on Instagram. I mean, let’s admit it, if you use the app you watch them while at school (instead of doing work), while laying in bed before going to sleep, or whenever you have even a few minutes of free time. It’s a very entertaining time passer.


Also, if one gets a lot of followers, they can redirect them to another platform, such as youtube, which pays for its viewership, unlike Tik Tok, so it has the potential of being a side job or, according to some people, a full-time job. 


The app is interesting in the fact that it takes many traits from other apps such as what the app used to be. Tik Tok used to be called Musical.ly, and thankfully, those cringe videos of moving the camera and doing weird stuff with your hands and face ended. It left behind something different that takes both the copying sounds from musical.ly and the creativity of Vine, limits the creator to make the video only one minute long or shorter, and lets them do whatever they please with it.


It also allows people to show off their skills or talents, whether it be dancing or acting, or cinematography. If people really think about it, some videos require very specific and thought-out choreography or directory. Some people even use the app to teach people things, such as foreign languages or how to be respectful to adults and even teaching adults how to handle their children of this generation.

The app is a melting pot of opportunity, that can allow lots of people to share things with the general public that they never have before. Usually apps, such as Facebook or Instagram, only have the people we follow and their activity on our feed, but Tik Tok’s main feed is filled with a bunch of people we don’t know, and it’s generally based upon the kind of content we like too.


It’s something different, with both its disadvantages (such as getting lost and spending a lot more time on it than one should) and advantages (such as sharing things with people and inspiring creativity within others, which is much needed in today’s society). The downsides though can be detrimental to people, such as spending too much time on the app and not focusing on things they should, such as work or homework or even relationships with people. But that’s not necessarily the app’s fault, more the fault of the watcher, not being responsible with their time. So when one limits their time on the app, or priorities the things that should be prioritized over it, then the app really has no disadvantages whatsoever. It’s just an entertaining way to pass the time.


Tik Tok is different because of its potential to inspire and create, with the people that make content making each video somehow unique within itself, even if it’s a trend, and all for the entertainment of the performers and the people behind the screen, entertained by what they do.