Quiz – What Show Should You Watch?

Erin Green


  1. What type of show do you usually go for?

A. I like a plot that’s creepy and mysterious (go to question 2)

B. Something to make me laugh (go to question 6)

C. A good soapy drama (go to question 9)

D. Anything reality (go to question #11)


2. What do you look for in a scary show?

A. Horror and supernatural activity (go to question 3)

B. A plot that’s eerie and unsettling, yet somewhat realistic (go to question 4)


3. Do you mind watching shows in languages other than English when translations are available?

A. Subtitles never hurt anyone (go to Show #1)

B. I’ll stick to English, please (go to question 5)


4. What kind of plot would you prefer?

A. An anthology series based in the future (go to Show #2)

B. A mystery with many interconnecting storylines that unravels overtime (go to Show #3)


5. What sounds better to you?

A. A long, developed plot that plays out over the course of many seasons (go to Show #4)

B. A new plot and set of characters to be introduced to with the start of each new season (go to show #5)


6. What do you look for in a comedy series?

A. A dramedy! I want to laugh while I cry (go to question 7)

B. A show with multiple seasons that will never fail to entertain me (go to question 8)


7. What would you prefer?

A. A relatable plot that will make me cringe in the best way possible (go to Show #6)

B. Something adorable and kid-friendly (go to Show #7)


8. What plot is most appealing to you?

A. One that is straight-forward yet heartwarming (Go to Show #8)

B. One that is very intricate and draws each storyline back to the same place (Go to Show #9)


9. What type of plot would you prefer?

  1. An emotional yet compelling story of a family and their struggles (go to Show #10)
  2. The relatable, touching and somewhat comedic lessons teenagers face (go to question 10)
  3. A story based on true events (go to Show #11)


10. Which sounds better to you?

A. A classic show that’s a little bit older but still relatable (go to Show #12)

B. Something fresh and modern that discusses challenges people face today (go to Show #13)


11. What style of reality do you enjoy?

  1. A long competition that puts the contestants in an unusual setting (go to question 12)
  2. A docuseries that walks the audience through someone’s hardships (go to question 13)


12. Should the goal of a reality show be to find love, or to win?

A. Bring on the romance (go to Show #14)

B. Strictly competition (go to Show #15)


13. What do you prefer in a docuseries?

A. A show that focuses on one story so I can develop a deep connection to it (go to Show #16)

B. A show that follows many different people who all have one thing in common (go to Show #17)


Show #1 – “Dark”

This German show puts many American tales of horror to shame. When two children go missing, an entire town and all of its wicked secrets unravel in a way you definitely won’t see coming. Interested yet? Find it on Netflix.


Show #2 – “Black Mirror”

Chances are you’ve probably heard of this one before, but if for some reason you haven’t given into the hype, here is your sign that you need to go watch this show, like yesterday. Black mirror is an anthology series, meaning a new plot and fresh set of characters is introduced with each new episode. Each storyline has one theme in common though: the inevitable abuse of technology in future times. Do yourself a favor and skip the first episode, but stream the series now on Netflix!


Show #3 – “The Stranger”

This wild and twisted show is about different characters who all have one thing in common: they’re each being blackmailed by a mysterious and conniving “stranger”. Chaos can only ensue from there. You can binge-watch this new series on Netflix now.


Show #4 – “Lucifer”

Lucifer follows the devil himself as he leaves his life in Hell to wreak havoc on Earth. The story is unnerving yet somewhat light-hearted in the best way. It’s a difficult one to explain, so check it out for yourself on Netflix.


Show #5 – “The Haunting of Hill House”

A family of siblings who were separated due to their secretive and sinister past are reunited to face it once and for all. The show’s ominous tone combined with its heartwarming characters make this series one of the best. Soon season two will introduce a new plot, so stream the first episodes on Netflix now.


Show #6 – “Awkward”

Never has there ever been a series where such a simple title has been able to perfectly encapsulate the entire essence of a show. It follows Jenna Hamilton, a quirky and unpopular high schooler whose life is turned upside down after a comedic accident almost kills her. It’s funny, chaotic, and one of the most defining shows of my early teenage years. Go on Hulu and give it a shot.


Show #7 – High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

If you’re looking for a sign to finally subscribe to Disney+, this is it. When the school “High School Musical” was originally shot in decides to put on a production of the hit movie, nothing plays out as simply as everyone hopes. I haven’t been able to watch a Disney show in years, but I was thoroughly invested in everything it had to offer. Go ahead and try it; you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. 


Show #8 – “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

Detective Jake Paralta and his fellow co-workers team up to fight crime in this lighthearted and lovable series found on Hulu. If you like sitcoms with minimal drama, it doesn’t get much better than this.


Show #9 – “How I Met Your Mother”

This classic sitcom follows Ted Mosby as he recounts his train-wreck young adult life in New York with his best friends, each funny anecdote told in lengthy flashbacks all leading up to the moment he meets the mother of his children. It’s hilarious, sweet, at-times-somewhat-angsty, and overall one of my favorite shows of all time. All seasons can be streamed on Hulu now.


Show #10 – “The Fosters”

This series is about an unconventional family who navigates the challenge of raising adopted and fostered children. No matter who you are, it will find a way to make you both cry and smile in the span of one episode. There is so much more to be learned about how the foster system can be improved, and watching this tear-jerking drama is the perfect first step to get the conversation started. If you’re interested, you can watch “The Fosters” on Netflix now.


Show #11 – “The Act”

You may be familiar with the true story of Gypsy-Rose Blanchard, a young girl who murdered her deceptive and abusive mother, but watching the events play out on screen is a heartrending experience. Joey King and Patricia Arquette did a fantastic job at becoming their roles and made the show one of the most thrilling I’ve ever watched. You won’t be disappointed if you give this Hulu Original a try.


Show #12 – “The O.C.”

“The O.C.”, standing for Orange County, follows Ryan, a poor and troublesome teenager who is taken in by his wealthy lawyer and prestigious family. It’s sweet, charming, and oh-so-dramatic. It was released in 2003 but remains an iconic series to this day. You can binge-watch this anytime on Hulu.


Show #13 – “Everything Sucks”

Despite only being a standalone season, “Everything Sucks” manages to drive home every point it sets out to in the most perfect way possible. It’s a high school drama based in the 1990s, yet is just as realistic and relatable as ever. Go on Netflix and give this show a try!


Show #14- “Love Island UK”

If you’re a sucker for terribly trashy reality television like myself, this is the show for you. The show can be compared to the U.S.’s “Bachelor in Paradise”, but ends in a cash prize and has a much more uncut feel to it. For whatever reason, listening to drama unfold in thick British accents is so much more entertaining than bland American ones. If you’re interested, you can find this show on Hulu.


Show #15 – “The Circle”

This show’s rather silly premise surprisingly makes for an enthralling watch. It follows eight contestants who are completely isolated from the outside world and each other as they compete solely through their social media page. Nothing is off limits, even catfishing. Head influencers are crowned and the ones who fail to make a lasting impression are eliminated. Sounds stupid, but this Netflix show will have you hooked from the first episode.


Show #16 – “1000-lb Sisters”

This documentary follows two obese sisters Amy and Tammy in need of a weight-loss surgery. The two women make for a witty and oddly inspiring pair. If you wish to acquaint yourself with the Slaton sisters and their struggles, this show is available to stream on Hulu.


Show #17 – “Jailbird”

One of the most captivating and gripping documentaries that I’ve ever watched. The show, based out of the Sacramento County Jail, follows female inmates as they attempt to live out their sentences in the least boring way possible, which often only leads to more trouble. All entertaining fights and drama aside, the series showcases women in jail as more than just their criminal record. They are wives, mothers, daughters–and most importantly–individuals with important stories. To find out what these are, you can watch now on Netflix.