‘When People Get Desperate, the Knives Come out’

A Review of the Murder-Mystery "Knives Out"

Lauren Curtis, Newspaper Editor-in-Chief

Accumulating over 79 nominees since Nov. 27, 2019, “Knives Out” has been a hit in theatres for many ages. With a plotline of a famous 85-year-old writer “committing suicide” but things feel too organized to an anonymously hired private investigator, this murder-mystery takes it’s audience on a rollercoaster ride from the beginning to the end. Throughout the movie, the investigator, detective Blanc, has to untwist the family’s lies and determine who had a role in the grandfathers’ death and let me tell you, it is a must-see!
With a theme that things don’t always seem as they are, the plot is full of twists and definitely a comedic thriller. The plot starts out really slow, as it shows you in flashbacks of how the nurse, Marta, accidentally kills the grandfather, Harlan Thrombey, with an overdose of morphine. Harlan then proceeds to help Marta hide the crime, which then he commits suicide and tells her how to cover up and not get caught. I thought it was weird that the directors were telling the audience who killed the grandfather that early in the movie, so it left me wondering what was actually going on. This was a smart move because it kept me drawn into the movie and actually wanting to learn more about the crime. Besides the movie as a whole getting awards, the actors deserve many awards too.
To me, the acting can make-or-break a movie, and these actors really fulfilled their roles’ shoes. The Thrombey family is wealthy and had their underlying secrets that Harlan found out and confronted each family member within the week of the murder, leaving everyone with a reason to want the grandfather dead. Each actor went above and beyond to fill the role of their character that is a stereotypical, trust-fund kid that only cares about their inheritance from the grandfather. When finding out that everything from Harlan’s will goes to Marta, each member of their family acted just like you would think: by doing everything in their power to get Marta to hand them back their money. The main actor I am most impressed by is Chris Evans, who played a spoiled grandson named Ransom, the “bad guy” of the movie, and his acting left everyone in shock.
(If you have not seen this movie, then stop reading before I spoil the ending). Murder-mysteries always wait till the last 10 minutes of their movie to explain what exactly happened, and when I say the producers nailed this, I mean they NAILED this. The explanation of what actually happened was chaotic on its own, but it didn’t just stop there. While the detective was trying to explain how Marta was actually innocent, there was so much going on. Between it actually being ruled a suicide, Ransom almost getting away with his crimes, and all of the family’s secrets finally being revealed to the family, I was literally in full-blown shock. (Like eyes wide open, hand covering mouth, sitting on the edge of my seat shock). Everything started to connect between “Ransom you’re back already?” to Marta throwing up from lying about the death of Fran. It was like as the dots were being connected about the death of Harlan, the plot of the movie was still continuing. There was so much thought put behind the ending scenes of this movie, and it was phonemically executed.
I enjoyed every minute of “Knives Out” and even though I know the big reveal, I would totally watch it again. Everything about the rollercoaster ride from this movie is more thrilling than an actual ride at Six Flags. This movie deserves every award they have received, and I truly hope they make a sequel. Until then, if you have not seen this comedic murder-mystery, you should do so now.