The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Boys Take Home a Win at Frostbite Soccer Tournament

Isabella McAllister, Newspaper Editor-In-Chief

It is cold, rainy, and damp outside, but they are still running down the field. Shouts of fans roar as the ball flies across the field, and sweaty boys jump up in order to claim it as their own. The scoreboard flashed in big red letters, “thirty seconds”. This is their moment. Thirteen seconds, as the clock runs down and finally buzzes. It is the end of the game, they finally won. 

This year’s annual Frostbite Tournament took place this past week. The boy’s varsity soccer team came out first overall in the tournament, winning five out of five games. Despite having to play a consolation game due to a team not showing up because of weather issues, they still came out on top. The team fought hard for their winning place and faced struggles. 

“This tournament was hard for us because it really taught us that we cannot just get away with just anything,” Mason Whitworth (12) said. “We have to keep ourselves in check and hold each other accountable.”

While the boys all played very well, they believe there is always room for improvement in order to reach their goals or going far throughout the season. 

“We need to improve on getting the ball in the back of the net on every opportunity,” Wesley Nelson (10) said. “When we get to playoffs, our chances will be less often so we have to learn to be as lethal as possible on the offensive end.”

The boys believe that there is always room to grow and become more competitive as a team. They continuously work hard in order to make changes that are needed. 

“From what I am seeing as a trainer, I think this season should go very well if the boys continue to play as a team, not as individuals and continue to want it,” Kylie Whimbish (11) said. 

As the boys continue to work hard constantly, they also look at the positive outcomes of the tournament that they can motivate themselves on. 

“One thing I did well at the tournament as I had three clean sheets and my team possessed the ball very well and that’s how we scored all of our goals,” SirLuke Tante (9) said.

The boys are happy with the undefeated win they took, but still know they need to focus on the future of their team. While this was an accomplishment, they continue to work hard in order to reach their goals. 

“Although we’re grateful for our two tournament wins so for, they don’t mean anything towards district, playoffs, or state,” Elijah Mays (11) said. “We always strive to make playoffs through performing great during district then grind our way to the regional tournament, and from there it is us who controls our destiny.”