Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

A Recap of the Last 10 Years

Brandon Brijil and Peter Olusanya

Erin Green

2010 – “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry is released and gives us a countless number of defining hits early on in the decade, like “Firework”, “California Gurls”, “Last Friday Night”, and “The One That Got Away”.

One Direction is formed into a boy band after each member auditioned on “The X Factor UK” as solo artists.

The first episode of “The Walking Dead” premieres on AMC. In October of 2019, the 10th season was released.

Instagram is launched, a free social media site used to share photos and short videos. Arguably the most polarizing social network of the decade. 


2011 – Snapchat launches, a site where people can share photos and videos that are available only immediately after they are opened. Many updates and tweaks have been done to the app since, but the main premise remains the same.

“Born This Way” by Lady GaGa is released. No matter how many years go by, the lyrics to this track will always be easy to remember. 

“Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows” is released and marks the conclusion of the 10-year-long movie series. 

People all around the world tune in to watch the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

Party rocking


2012 – “The Avengers”, the first in the movie series comes out in theatres.

Beloved childhood show “iCarly” ends with the emotional episode “iGoodbye”. Nearly eight years later and I’m still not over it.

“The Hunger Games” is released, the first movie in the series.

“Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2” premieres and the popular Twilight movie franchise comes to an official close. The entire series engrossed a total of around 3 billion dollars. 

Barack Obama is reelected for his second and final presidential term. 

Colorado is the first to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. Alaska, California, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington have since done the same.

Bruno Mars- locked out of heaven 

Gangdumb style

2013 – Vine launches, a site that once allowed users to share short 6-second video clips. The app is credited with giving us a number of jokes and sayings people still quote to this day. 

The Jonas Brothers break up as each member pursues a solo music career.

Blockbuster, a movie and video-game rental service begins shutting down all stores, probably due to the world’s increasing use of technology.

The first ever Netflix original “House of Cards” is released. 

#BlackLivesMatter movement is founded after George Zimmerman’s acquittal for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Counting stars  


2014 – Musical.ly launches, a site used for people to make videos where they lip-sync along to popular songs. The app was a short-lived trend for kids.

Flappy Bird is removed from the App Store and Google Play on February 10th due to its creator feeling guilty for the game’s addictive nature. The game was in such high demand that people began selling their iPhones for ridiculously high prices with the software still downloaded. 

“Boyhood” releases, a film following the childhood of Mason Evans Jr. from the ages of 6 to eighteen. The actual groundbreaking aspect of this movie, however, was the fact that it was filmed over the course of 12 years and had the same actors throughout.

“Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift is released and debuts at number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Actor Robin Williams tragically dies at the age of 63.


2015 – One Direction announces their hiatus. It’s been almost 5 years, though, and we’re still waiting… 

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2” is released, the finale of the popular movie franchise. The series made a total of about 2.97 billion dollars. 

The play “Hamilton” is released and continues to dominate the world of theatre. 

“Hello” by Adele is released and becomes the first song in history to sell more than a million digital copies in one week. 

Gay marriage is legalized in all 50 states. 

The hill 


2016 – “La La Land” premieres in theatres and captures the hearts of musical lovers everywhere. The film was later nominated for an Oscar and announced as the winner, only to find out moments later that it was a mistake and the actual winner was “Moonlight”.

Beyonce releases her sixth studio album “Lemonade” and brutally exposes her husband’s infidelity.

Prince, beloved singer of “Purple Rain”, “Kiss”, and “I Wanna Be Your Lover” dies from an accidental drug overdose.

“Hotline Bling” is released and becomes Drake’s first top 10 song in two years.

Donald Trump is elected as President of the United States.

The Weeknd- can’t feel my face

2017 – Although the phrase “Me too” was coined by Tanara Burke in 2006 on MySpace, the movement takes off in 2017 after actress Alyssa Milano tweets out “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet”. 

Vine is shut down after a four-year run, and despite the fact that the app is significantly less popular than it used to be, people are outraged. 

“Get Out” is released, a horror film following a black man who meets his white girlfriend’s family and uncovers the darkest secret possible. The standalone movie engrossed 255.5 million worldwide and skyrocketed Jordan Peele’s directorial career. 

“Pretty Little Liars” finally comes to a close after a 7 season run.

Shape of you

2018 – TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing service merges with Musical.ly to create a social media site reminiscent of Vine. 

“A Star Is Born” premieres as Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut. The film made a total of 439.9 million dollars. 

The music video for “This Is America” by Childish Gambino is released May 5 and creates quite the buzz online. The video is an attempt at depicting the painful truths in our country that we try to distract ourselves from. 

Too many celebrities have lost their lives this year, and the deaths of Marvel Comics’ leader Stan Lee and rapper Mac Miller left the world heartbroken. 


2019 – The Jonas Brothers announce their return as a band with their song “Strangers”. They are finishing this year on their Happiness Begins Tour. 

“Avengers: End Game” is released, the final movie in the series. The film alone made a total of about 2.8 billion dollars. 

The TV show “Game of Thrones” premieres its last episode after an eight-season run. 

An impeachment inquiry against President Trump begins and will carry out through 2020.