200 Word Rant: Cartoons

Animations Aren't Just for Children


Sarah Haylow, Writer

Once we reach a certain age, we are expected to leave behind things from our childhood. We feel the need to fit in with our peers, so we try to leave those things behind. One of the things that people try to leave behind are cartoons. There is a stigma that cartoons are meant for kids (minus some that are explicitly labeled as “adult” cartoons, like “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy”, and “Rick and Morty”). Cartoons that are geared towards children can still be as engaging as cartoons that are made for older audiences. Culturally we have seen a change in how people feel about older people watching kids cartoons, due to many of the cartoons that are currently airing having interesting themes that deal with real world conflicts and interesting storylines. Kids cartoons are rising in popularity among children and older audiences alike and I am so excited that it is becoming more common to like kids shows that have deeper themes. As an avid cartoon watcher myself, I get so excited to hear that someone I know watches the same show. So let go of the stigma and let your inner child shine through and watch those cartoon shows!