Staff Review: “(It Wouldn’t Be) Christmas Without You”

Lauren: I actually kind of like the beat to the song. It reminds me of the ending credits song if you were to watch a Hallmark movie, but not in a bad way. Whenever the beat started to become more upbeat, I found myself wanting to turn it up louder and maybe even listen to it again. It actually made me more in the Christmas spirit, and I even put it in my Christmas playlist. 


Erin: This song had a classic, older feeling that many new artists try to emulate in their music but fail at. I enjoyed the song and appreciated the unique approach to conventional Christmas music. It wasn’t overly upbeat but still managed to put me into the Christmas spirit. I was impressed and will probably check out Wrabel’s other songs.


Isabella: This song was one of the better Christmas songs compared to most of the basic annoying Christmas songs that we always hear repetitively on the radio. It sounds like music I would sometimes normally listen to, but with the Christmas twist. I think the guy that sings this has a nice voice, and it is different than the voice most people trying to make Christmas music have. Overall this song is pretty good, and I’d listen to it again, but for sure not all the time to burn it out. 


Julia: Once again, it did not slap. That’s not to say that it is bad, it’s just not amazing. Would I listen to it again? Possibly, I might not skip it, but I also might. Who can really say? This song brings me no emotion. It does not spark joy, but also not hate. I also got kinda bored and zoned out for part of it so I might not be the most qualified to give my opinion. I am completely indifferent. He do be looking kinda fresh doe. 


cade: For new holiday music it’s not bad. It’s better at mashing the starry atmospheric sounds with the song than other songs have done. It’s a really good song to just relax to; it’s not overwhelmingly Christmas-ish and it’s not overwhelmingly modern. Above all, I like the relativity of the lyrics, because I know that’s how many people feel. There’s always one person that you want to spend Christmas with, and sometimes you can’t. It’s a real song. It shows true emotions, and that’s necessary in music. 


Maxie: What’s nice about this song is that it’s different in a good way. Christmas songs seem to be endlessly optimistic with jingle bells and happy people singing through the radio. This song has a slower pace and a beat that is upbeat, but not too peppy.  It’s nice to hear. The lyrics have meaning and a hope that makes you think about who you want to spend Christmas with this year. I enjoyed the song and would listen to it again.