How the Movies Stole Christmas

Sixteen Holiday Films to Watch This Season

Cade Campbell, Writer

It’s December, folks! It’s time to bake red and green cookies, make hot chocolate, spend time indoors (rather than having frozen ears), light a fire, and of course, watch Christmas movies.


Sometimes it’s hard to think of a Christmas movie to watch, or it’s difficult to base the movie upon what you’re feeling, but that’s exactly what this list is for.


So let’s get started.


Home Alone” is the perfect movie for nostalgia. Whether you’re looking for 80’s nostalgia or the nostalgia of being a kid on Christmas. Although, I do hope there’s no nostalgia for making fools of robbers in your house. It’s also a really good movie to watch if you’re feeling creative, because, admit it, Kevin had A LOT.


“Polar Express” is a great fantasy movie that really dives deep into how a child thinks of Christmas and it’s seemingly limitless possibilities. It’s a timeless coming-of-age story that relates to all the peeps. 


Now, continuing the theme of kids during Christmas, “A Christmas Story” is excellent at truly showing how Christmas can be as a kid, and it especially gets the dysfunctional family thing down. I mean, I literally almost had a Christmas like this one time. How unfortunate.


Now, you may be thinking green guy, so I’m gonna yell, “DR SEUSS” because “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (the one made in 2000, of course) is literally what you were thinking of. It’s funny, charming, touching, and Jim Carrey can fit in any role ever. And the cap to that statement is nonexistent.


Now the Grinch is a weird dude, but if we’re talking weird, but you’re wanting a more weird fun, Henry Selick, director of Coraline, has you covered withThe Nightmare Before Christmas”, a perfectly crafted stop-motion film that fulfills the weirdest of creations and your darkest Christmas fantasies. Because I know you have them. 


To hop on the dark train (CHOO CHOO), “Krampus” is the best Christmas horror movie there is. It’s not that cheesy, it’s pretty well-made, and the thought was pretty clear. So in other words, it’s good. It’s not trash. Watch Santa Satan go to action.


Speaking of action, the Netflix Original film “El Camino Christmas” is about a guy who takes a liquor store hostage on Christmas Eve. It’s funny, and the story is superb. It’s also, in its own way, kind of heart-warming. Also, it’s got, Jessica Alba. So drooling is a must.


Now is humor is watch you need, then humor is what you shall get. “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” is about a Dad who tries a little too hard to make it the best Christmas ever (me as a dad for sure). It’s extremely funny. In honor of its hilarity, let’s bow our heads and recite the pledge of allegiance. Wait…


Also. Will Ferrell. Syrup on Spaghetti. Adult baby.  A lanky Elf. “Elf” is such a funny movie, I honestly don’t know if there’s any more to say.


Speaking of not knowing what to say, I’m pleasantly surprised Scrooge had words on Christmas Eve. Disney’s “A Christmas Carol” is the best adaption of the novel I’ve seen yet. Except for the play. Mrs. Brown that was the best field trip I’d been on. Life for real.


Now if we’re hopping on this Disney train, there’s a few quite a freight of films we’ve got. “Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas” provides that warm comfortable feeling this time of year provides. The hand-drawn animation is warm in itself.


Now, one of my personal favorite Christmas movies of all time is “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”.  Jake really went on a cross-country adventure trying to get home from college so he can get a Porsche. If you can’t say anything romantic at least say something in English.


This is definitely for us. Remember those Disney channel shows we watched as a kid and we’re all rewatching for nostalgia on Disney+? Yeah, do that with “Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas!” Separated from the rest of their family Teddy and Amy try to make their way towards them, but keep running into obstacles.


The Star” is a movie that surprised me. I thought it was gonna be kind of dumb, with a donkey following the Star to find Jesus in his manger, but it was actually great. The story was great, and the animation excelled my expectations too. So, tip, it’s not dumb. It’s really good.

For those looking for musicals and love The Sound of Music, “White Christmas” is just for you. It’s a musical and romantic extravaganza! As two singers join two more to put on a musical show in Vermont they run into their WW2 commander who’s having financial issues. In order to help them they perform a Christmas production to put him back in business.


“Let it Snow” is the most recent on the list and probably relates to us the most, as it’s about kids in high school. What! No way. Yeah, it’s actually really good. It follows a group of kids who get brought together after a snowstorm hits their small town. Friendships and relationships are an obvious effect. So yeah. High school for sure.


Watch something old, try something new. It’s really up to you. But, in my honest opinion, these are the movies I will have to watch every single Christmas for the rest of my life. Oh, and it’s Christmas!