10 Things Heritage Is Thankful For

What Students Are Thankful For

Lauren Curtis and Isabella McAllister

As Thanksgiving is coming around we asked students what they are thankful for. The things that they are thankful for range from many different things.


“I am very thankful for my Mimi because she helped me get a job and she is helping me buy Harry Styles tickets.” Bailey Wilson (11)

 “The band is thankful for Jay Wilkerson because of his flowing blonde hair, his glowing blue eyes, the way he catches the ball with one hand; his football skills are better than any known by mankind.” -The Trumpet Section

“I am thankful for my family and everyone helping me take care of my goat popcorn” Armando Villarreal (11)

“I am thankful for family and life because life is short and you never know when people will go and your family will always be there no matter what.” Alexia Rodrigez (10)

“I am thankful for good food!” Elizabeth Schmidt (11)

“I am really blessed with the people God has put in my life. I am so very thankful for everyone and the place he has put me in.” Anecia Garfias (12)

“I am very thankful for my new Heritage family!” Ivy Martin (History Teacher)

“I am thankful for my parents because they are the main people who encourage me to do good in school and they are my big inspiration in life.” Caden Hatfield (9)

“ I am thankful for my girlfriend because she makes me so happy!” Mason Chapa (11)

“I am thankful for my running shoes because they express my personality.” Michael King (12)


All pictures are provided by people who are quoted. Click on the slideshow to see the pictures.