Please Teach Us Real Life Skills In School, Thanks.

What Students Really Should Be Learning In High School

Isabella McAllister, Newspaper Managing Editor

    During the time of high school, we are taught the basics of math, English, science, and history. But is the material that we are taught going to really help us in the future? The information that I have learned in school has not made me really feel prepared for what I want to pursue or even helped plan my future or taught me the basics of growing up. 

     In the education system, we are not required to be taught how to do normal life things that get us ready for the future of our lives. We are not told how to settle down, offered relationships advice, or told the problems of real life situations happening all around us. The lack of these things make life harder due to us having to figure it all out on our own or with the help of our parents. We are not offered these types of classes regularly to teach us how to grow up when it should be the required thing. 

     Classes like financial math, human growth and development, business management, and so many more should be required classes offered through the school. While some of these classes are offered, students are not required to take them to get a credit. Those certain classes are options that most students do not even think that they should take them or do not have room in their schedule. Students are also not aware of the small number of classes that are provided to help them learn more about those particular skills. But in the long run, these classes will help students out so much more than learning about solving parabola equations and reading Charles Dickens.

     Some people might think that we need those basic learning ideas for our future to help us grow in basic knowledge. While that is true, we need to incorporate the things that will be more involved in our future. In the end, how does solving standard form, writing essays about poems we don’t understand, and solving chemistry problems going to actually help us in the future unless we choose that as a career itself? 


    There are a lot of things that we are required to learn that do not benefit me at all in any way. I learn all of this material that I will eventually forget about within a short time, and I will most likely never use it again. As a student growing into adulthood I would like to have more control of my education. I want to be able to pick more classes based on what I would like to pursue, rather than being tied down to other things. 

     I want to know how to properly fill out a resume for a job, how to fix my car, manage money, buy a house, apply for loans, personal communication skills, write a check, do my taxes, and so much more. I would like to seek a real reason to come to school to learn. We should not have to search for things like this, we should be offered, required, and taught from a young age all of these necessities of real life. 

     High school is a big part of our growth in maturity and taking more control of our lives and we should be able to choose how our education is laid out and the benefits we get from it for our future. I want to look back on high school and believe that I truly got skills to help me in the times that are the hardest in becoming an adult and figuring out my life.