Logged Out

A Life Without Social Media


Maxie Eller, Writer

You have no new messages. No likes. No comments. No notifications. Nothing.  This may seem like the beginning of a horror story, but this is the reality of people without social media. It may seem absurd that people would want to live like this; devoid of the constant updates and messages that social media has to offer. Why would someone not want an account that offers them access to almost everyone in the world? What do they do since they don’t have any social media? As someone who doesn’t use any social media, I can whole-heartedly say that we are not anti-social and we do not spend our time silently in a corner somewhere, watching sadly as everyone else is happy in the distance. In fact, most of us are very social and our lives carry on like everyone else. The difference is that those without social media do these things without a phone in their hands at all times. 


People who do not have social media do not use it for a variety of reasons. Some of these include not being allowed to by parents, not wanting the risk of exposure to dangers online, or not wanting it because they feel that the constant updates and messages are not worth the time and energy. Some people have even stopped using social media because they felt that it was taking away from their lives. 


Because we are not hunched over screens, people without social media can focus more on the things that matter to them. Finishing homework, participating in activities, and working at an after-school job become more manageable without the distraction of notifications and alerts. There is no pressure to post only the best parts of life or to have the most likes or followers. The stress of remembering streaks is replaced with talking to friends and spending time with family. 


Talking to people in person is a huge benefit of not having social media. Teenagers especially are having a harder time connecting with people face to face because they have only done it online. Those without social media, however, keep up with friends by talking to them in person. Social interaction happens without typing through a screen and increases the depth of relationships. Emotions and expressions are conveyed on an entirely new level because people take the time to be with each other. 


Sometimes non-users do feel left out of the loop. Social media is great for connecting with people long-distance and seeing what everyone is doing every day. It is especially useful for promoting sports or other activities.  At the same time, though, not having social media also shows who really wants to see you every day. I know who my closest friends are because they come see me instead of scrolling through posts about me. We connect in person, not online.


So yes, people who do not have social media exist. We live, love, laugh, and cry just like everyone else does. Our reality is the same as yours. The only difference is that our social lives are not confined to a screen.