Hello, My Name Is…

Guess Columnist Quinlyn Stallings

I love football game. I going almost every friday. Football started August 30, 2019. The football team and cheerleaders and Heritage Belle and Heritage Band on field on Friday’s. Public school sports is good and varsity football is amazing. Our team is 9-4a in regional semifinals. Our football teams, Midlothian Jaguars and Panthers play at the same stadium. Our JV team plays every Thursday. Our soccer team went to semi-finals on April 19, 2018. I love the final playoff championship because we won. I’m a junior and excited for prom this year. I love everyone, I’m a popular guy, I’m a nice guy. I make guys and girls day everyday, and they become happy. This Quinlyn Stallings. 


8 interesting things about Quinlyn: 

  1. I’m a very nice guy. I want to make change their world. 
  2. I do encouragement for God.
  3. I make girls day cause they nice to me. 
  4. Teacher loves me. 
  5. I’m a popular guy.
  6. I also make guys day too.
  7. I go off campus for PAL and help little kids.
  8. I school mascot. 


Certain grammatical, spelling, and style is kept in the column to keep the writer’s voice.