Motivation? More Like NOtivation

Students Talk About Their Struggle Of Lacking Inspiration

Julia Alley, Writer

A great deal of teachers and parents around the world have thought of teenagers as lazy, indolent, and unambitious for decades. However, with mental illness at an all time high it’s possible that adolescents’ passive behavior could be due to an underlying cause. 


Very few have managed to avoid the pervasive occurrence of sitting at home, willing themselves to start their schoolwork, but being unable to find the motivation to do so. It’s a universal experience among students, but it could be something of concern. A common symptom of depression is apathy towards responsibilities. It’s not likely that all of these students have depression. Nevertheless, when a student starts to fall behind in their classes, it could potentially be accounted to a hidden cause, and they might need help. 


“I lose interest when I have so many things that I’m stressed about getting done,” Adam Burkart (11) said. “I don’t really have the energy to do everything because I’m constantly worrying about it.”


Depending on where they’re attempting to complete their work, some students’ drive can vary. A sudden change in the environment can give them a sense of mental fatigue. 


“When I get home I don’t really want to do anything,” Micheal King (12) said, “I spend the whole day doing work, I’m tired when I get home.”


Some students believe that giving themselves incentives can help motivate them to complete their work. It’s questionable whether this actually works. 


“I give myself food when I get my work done,” Kireiya Carson (9) said, “It helps sometimes.”


Many look to how they want to be perceived to find ambition within themselves. Thinking of who they aspire to be in the world can help make them more hard-working. 


“I want to prove myself, ” King said. “I want to be an overachiever.”


Most look to the future they wish to have to give them a drive to complete their work.  Graduating high school, going to college, pursuing their dreams, whatever it may be, they use it to motivate themselves. 


“Thinking of like where I want to be really helps me a lot,” Burkart said. “Just getting out of here and moving on with my life, that’s kinda all I want.”