Staff Review: “Jesus is King” Album


Lauren Curtis:

If we’re being honest, the album is unique and definitely unexpected from Kayne West. When listening to the songs, there were some that I didn’t completely hate, but others it took all the self-control I had to not turn it off. The songs range from cheesy songs about Chick-fil-a to gospel songs I would probably hear in a church, just not mine. I love the idea, but I feel like it was poorly executed. If the songs were meant to be taken seriously, that completely failed. Kayne is amazing in his own way, but these songs give me ‘Let It Shine’ vibes. I would never listen to these songs again, and I know my Christian music playlist is better without these songs in it. 


Erin Green:

The day Kanye West released a Christian album is a day I never thought I would live to see, but here we are. I didn’t know what to expect before listening, but I was somewhat pleasantly surprised. Some songs I struggled not to skip while a few others I actually enjoyed. The lyrics are nothing new to someone who was raised in church, but the beat’s influence of old R&B and Gospel make for a surprisingly unique sound. I’ve seen a lot of Christians who are offended by this album because they don’t feel Kanye is a good representation of their religion, but I don’t think it’s anyone’s place to invalidate the way someone chooses to share their beliefs. Only time will tell if Kanye is serious about his new songs, but for now I plan to just enjoy the music for what it is: music. 


Isabella McAllister:

The album reminds me of oldies R&B mixed with church music. Being honest I don’t like it. I wasn’t planning on listening to this at all, and really had no interest in it. It is so different from what Kanye’s music normally is, and props to him for taking another route, but I’m not sure if this was the right one. I mean the album is tolerable, but I will never catch myself turning it on willingly again. Good for Kanye for turning his life into a new direction, just making an album devoted to it was a little extra. It would be different if there was a mix of his old music and his new music, but there isn’t, and that makes it not very good. 


Julia Alley:

If we’re being honest, I didn’t hear much about this album until I was told we were doing this review. After listening, I have to say, I enjoyed it a good portion of it. It has a pretty R&B, sort of antique feeling. It’s pleasing to the ear, and I’m glad I listened to it. But alas there is one thing that sticks out in my mind. We all know of the mess Kanye created for himself in the past two years. If you don’t, just take a glance at his twitter. I get the impression that this might be sort of a way for him to try to gain back the following he lost by doing a religion based album. I can’t say for sure what the intention behind the song is. Maybe Kanye really has just decided to devote his life to God. Who knows. Just seems a bit convenient. 


Cade Campbell: 

Jesus is King is an odd mesh between a Sunday-service-church-choir, R&B, and anti-pop. It’s all been done before, mostly the R&B and anti-pop by Kanye himself, but the churchy vibe given here sends a little nostalgia to George Michael’s Faith album. Except this is actually Christian music, which was something completely unexpected with the past musical history of Kanye. The whole genre clashing thing really fits the album, and I think Kanye actually pulled it off. Whether he will continue to pull it off or not will only be shown in the future. But for right now, let’s just enjoy the churchy vibes.


Maxie Eller: 

I really didn’t know what to expect when I was told that Kanye West had created a religious album. Kanye West and religion were not two things that I thought would ever go together. I walked into the album completely unprepared. The songs are unique with their blend of gospel choir and R&B. They give an old church vibe that is actually okay. I definitely wouldn’t call this album my favorite, or one that I would put on repeat, but it is a decent album that some would enjoy. I do not typically listen to Kanye’s songs, but this album is so different from his usual music that it’s worth listening to. All in all, this new album is definitely worth exploring. 


Sarah Haylow: 

I honestly wasn’t expecting any of the songs on this album to feel sincere and I was prepared to be clickbaited by the album name. To my surprise, it wasn’t half bad. I appreciate the R&B genre and I enjoyed the gospel sound. I found myself moving my head to the beat and a lot of the lyrics were good. I wouldn’t say Kanye is my favorite artist and I honestly would never have guessed that he would be religious. I’m still a little doubtful that this album was made with a lot of sincerity, which makes the listening experience less enjoyable. For what it is, the album itself isn’t bad and I think the words can impact a lot of people. If Kanye is genuinely religious and made this with good intentions, then good for him! I do think it might’ve been better to wait to release a full-on Christian album, however, given that it might be received as insincere or as an album released to stir up popularity and to push his name out there.