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The Advantages of Online School

Julia Alley, Writer

Many students sit in class frequently glance at the clock and impatiently wait for the final ring of the bell. Being in a structured building and following a stern schedule can be exhausting to carry out five out of seven days every week, but for students enrolled in an online school, this is not a dilemma. 


Electronic high schools have been gaining acclaim in recent years with students choosing it as a replacement for public education. This form of school reaps benefits such as more flexibility, possible early graduation, personalized education, and what might be a better learning environment for some. 


Online schools allow students to work at their own pace, which is undoubtedly helpful considering that no two people are going to comprehend academic material at the same rate. This is nearly impossible in public schools as there are simply not enough teachers or time to do so with a typical high school schedule. There is generally very little flexibility and less opportunity for students to take classes relevant to what they’re interested in pursuing within a physical institute. With online school, students can enroll in more advanced or specialized classes on account of more faculty and considerably less space required. 


In regards to kids who have difficulty around groups of people, such as those with anxiety or a phobia of crowds, this method of schooling can be beneficial and help them learn in more pleasant and suitable conditions. Students can personalize everything about getting their education to meet the person’s needs and help them succeed in life. 


There are students who do perform better in an ordinary public school environment, and that’s great, but it is important to present online education as an option for students who do not. There is no one size fits all for learning and it’s wrong that there’s a system that forces students to fit a certain shape. Students are the future, and for that future to be prosperous there has to be a change in the way we regard education.