Quiz: What Horror Movie Should You Watch

  1. How are you doing today? (all answers skip to question 2)
  1. good
  2. bad
  3. want to be scared
  4. give me a laugh


2. How often do you watch horror movies? (all answers skip to question 3)

  1. once in a while
  2. all the time
  3. never
  4. only around this time year


  1. Do you prefer coke or pepsi? (all answers skip to question 4)
  1. Coke
  2. Pepsi


3.What scares you? (all answers skip to question 5)

    1. school
    2. the school after school
    3. my manager
    4. my parents
    5. other people
    6. hopefully something in here
    7. nothing


4.What are looking for in your halloween movie?

  1. something that scares me (skip to question 6)
  2. something dark, but not very scary (skip to question 21)
  3. something cheesy that I can laugh at with my friends (skip to question 27)


5. What type of horror movie scares you?

  1. a horror movie that’s tense, more fast paced, and contains jumpscares (skip to question 7)
  2. a horror movie filled with suspense, and really gets under my skin, and unnerves me (skip to question 18)


6. What would scare you most?

  1. trying to survive (skip to question 8)
  2. Spirits (skip to question 11)
  3. Monsters (skip to question 12)


7. What would be worse trying to survive from?

  1. killers/slashers (skip to question 9)
  2. unusual situations (skip to question 10)


8. Which type of film are you wanting to watch?

  1. a found footage film (skip to answer ‘A’)
  2. a film made before the 2000s (skip to answer ‘B’)
  3. a revenge film (skip to answer ‘C’)
  4. an escape film (skip to answer ‘D’)


a. Your films are “Creep 1” (2014) and “Creep 2” (2017). Creep 1 and 2 star Mark Duplass and are directed by Patrick Brice. If you’re looking for a very unsettling found footage horror film that in many ways feels extremely realistic, then these films filled with twists and turns and peculiar scenes will not disappoint.


b. Your film is “The Last House on the Left” (1972). If you enjoy films that involve a dark, yet relatively simple narrative, and is able to keep you hooked, this hour and a half film will be right up your alley.


c. Your film is “Big Driver” (2014), a film made from one of Stephen King’s recent novellas. Everything seems alright, and then it goes dark, and then you see the light, but the light is just the darkness. You’ll see what Imean. Go watch! It’s so worth it.


d. Your film is “Hush” (2016), a film directed by Mike Flanagan. There is only a cast five people, three hardly ever being seen. It was filmed with a million dollar budget (as cheap as it can get), and it is one of the best movies out there. It’s terrifyingly realistic, and it definitely takes guts (and creativity) to be this unfortunate woman.


9. What’s scarier?

  1. being lost in the forest (skip to answer ‘E’)
  2. being kidnapped (skip to answer ‘F’)
  3. sharp teeth (skip to answer ‘G’)
  4. Sharks (skip to answer ‘H’)
  5. being stuck and alone (skip to answer ‘I’)


e. Your film is “Backcountry” (2014), a survival horror film in which a couple sets off into the woods for a camping trip. They sure do get one heck of a trip.


f. Your films are the “Saw” series. A gory horror franchise which are ultimately fantastic if you are able to take in all the dark trials and blood, and capable of understanding all the intelligent twists and turns the series takes.


g. Your film is “Cujo” (1983), adapted from the Stephen King novel about a rabid dog that terrorizes a family who are stuck in a terrifying situation. Bad dog.


h. Your film is “The Shallows” (2016). Jaws not scary enough? Try this movie. It’s a lot scarier than Jaws. And it’s got Blake Lively in a bikini. 


i. Your film is “Gerald’s Game” (2017), a Stephen King novella that surprised everyone when Mike Flanagan managed to do the impossible and turn it into a movie. Recently thought to be one of the most unmake-able movies in King’s arsenal, is now one of his most popular.


10. Which type of spirit scares you the most?

  1. a human haunting spirit (skip to answer ‘J’)
  2. Ghosts (skip to answer ‘K’)
  3. sleep demons (skip to answer ‘L’)
  4. house haunting demons (skip to answer ‘M’)


j. Your film is “Insidious” (2010), directed by James Wan. This is a film series as well, with 3 other films following this one. This is a quality movie, while still using the basic spook tropes that tend to work again an again this past decade.


k. Your film is “Malevolent” (2018), a Netflix Original film about a group of young adults who scam people by coming into their house to see if it’s “haunted”. But is this one actually?


l. Your film is “Mara” (2018), a film that managed to perfectly create a scary monster and still have a good story. I haven’t ever been scared to fall asleep because of a movie, but this one got pretty close (I suffer from sleep paralysis, so).


m. Your films are “The Conjuring” (2013) and “The Conjuring 2” (2016), two more films directed by James Wan. The first Conjuring movie has been claimed the best horror movie ever by many media conglomerates and people as well. So go watch.


11. What type of monster scares you most?

  1. the undead (skip to question 13)
  2. Witches (skip to question 15)
  3. monsters that look like people (skip to question 16)
  4. something else (skip to question 17)


12. What form of the undead scares you most?

  1. Zombies (skip to question 14)
  2. Vampires (skip to result ‘N’)
  3. humans coming back, but smarter than zombies (skip to answer ‘O’)


n. Your film is “Salem’s lot” (1979). Okay, okay, technically I cheated on this one but you’ll never notice. This was a two part miniseries on CBS in ’79 based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, but it is widely considered a movie as it’s runtime was only 3 hours. And it’s heckin’ good. 


o. Your film is “Pet Sematary” (1989), an adaption of Stephen King’s novel of the same name. A fantastic film that has a little scare for everyone, no matter what you’re afraid of.


13. Are you okay with foreign language films?

  1. Yes (skip to answer ‘P’)
  2. No (skip to answer ‘Q’)


p. Your film is “Ravenous” (2017), a french Netflix Original film that takes place in a small town in Canada during a zombie outbreak. the zombie sub genre is broad, but this offers something a little different that has been unseen before. Tense.


q. Your film is “Cargo” (2017). Let’s let Google summarize this super good film: Stranded in rural Australia in the aftermath of a violent pandemic, an infected father desperately searches for a new home for his infant child and a means to protect her from his own changing nature.


14. What are you looking for?

  1. a found footage film (skip to answer ‘R’)
  2. a small cast horrifying mystery (skip to answer ‘S’)
  3. an average horror film, with a slight twist (skip to answer ‘T’)
  4. a cinematography masterpiece with fantastically eerie music (skip to answer ‘U’)


r. Your film is “The Blair Witch Project” (1999), a found footage horror film that launched the found footage subgenre. A tense movie, with the style adding a unique flair to something already smart and great.


s. Your film is “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” (2016). When father and son coroners investigate the death of a beautiful woman, they find increasingly bizarre clues. The mystery untangles as the horrors do.


t. Your film is “Don’t Knock Twice” (2016), a movie about a movie and daughter trying to reconnect after her mother’s drug abuse issues, but it seems they’ve caught the attention of something otherworldly. Spooky.


u. Your film is “The Witch” (2015), a fantastic movie with wonderful cinematography and some of the best composed music you can hope for in order to chill your bones. Osgood Perkins has a rival.


15. What type of monster?

  1. a monster in the woods (skip to answer ‘V’)
  2. the monster within (skip to answer ‘W’)
  3. something difficult to see coming (skip to answer ‘X’)


v. Your film is “The Ritual” (2017), a Netflix Original film that feels like a much better version of “The Blair Witch Project” and is not a found footage film. It follows a group of guy friends that go on a trip in the woods for fun, until… you finish watching, which you better do. (one of my favorite horror movies. you’re welcome)


w. Your film is “Split” (2016), the sequel to M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, but you don’t need to watch it to understand Split.Istill haven’t even seen Unbreakable. M. Night Shyamalan loves to include huge plot twists in his movies and this does not disappoint.


x. Your film is “It Follows” (2014). Death leans closer. Is it a friend? A stranger? Is it right beside you? Who is it? Where is it? Why doesn’t anyone believe me? This film is one of the best horror films I’ve seen. It’s different, it’s refreshing. It’s story is fascinating, and the constant unnerve while watching, that creepy vibe, makes it worth it.


16. What’re you scared of most?

  1. Clowns (skip to answer ‘Y’)
  2. old hotels (skip to answer ‘Z’)
  3. car accidents (skip to answer ‘AA’)
  4. giant aliens (skip to answer ‘AB’)
  5. the thing in the slightly opened door (skip to answer ‘AC’)


y. Your film is “It” (2017), a film based off of Stephen King’s–– bah, never mind you know what “It” is. The clown movie everyone is all over. It’s actually good and it’s funny to. Definitely recommend.


z. Your film is “The Shining” (1980), a film based upon the Stephen King novel of the same name. Drunks, superpowers, haunted hotels, snow. This movie has it all. And in the meantime it is freaky.


aa. Your film is “Christine” (1983), based on Stephen King’s novel and directed by John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing). This film has an intriguing story and a bomb soundtrack. OMG. But go watch this teen fix up this magical car. Magical? Maybe more mystical.


ab.Your film is “Cloverfield” a found footage film set in New York as an alien/monster rampages through the city and the inhabitants are forced to evacuate. If they can. It’s a very fun movie to watch.


ac. Your film is “Before I Wake” (2016), a Netflix Original film directed by Mike Flanagan about a boy who is afraid to fall asleep and a good for a good reason too. Well actually it’s bad. Terrifying in fact.


17. How long do you want the movie to be?

  1. 1hr30min (skip to question 19)
  2. 2hr (skip to question 20)


18. Do you prefer ghosts or demons?

  1. Ghosts (skip to answer ‘AD’)
  2. Demons (skip to answer ‘AE’)


ad. Your film is “I Am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House” (2016). This is my all time favorite horror movie ever. extremely eerie cinematography, extremely eerie music, great story. A terrifying story actually. This Netflix Original film may seem slow, but it is beyond gorgeous, so go give it a try.


ae. Your film is “The Blackcoat’s Daughter” (2015), is an amazing film directed by Osgood Perkins. This film may seem slow, but trust me, once the ending has arrived you will be pleased you watched it. It is a beautiful film.


19. Do you like cults?

  1. Yes (skip to answer ‘AF’)
  2. No (skip to answer ‘AG’)


af. Your film is “Apostle” (2018), a Netflix Original film set in 1905 that follows a man in search of his sister who is being held for ransom by a cult on an isolated island. This is a slow and chilling film, with a wonderful amount of gore, and unnerving and mind-bending scenes that will certainly keep your attention. (one of my favorites)


ag. Your film is “Hereditary” (2018), a slow film that will chill your bones in many scenes, and when they’re not chilled, they’ll soon freeze. Wonderfully thought out.


20. What kind of dark movie would you prefer:

  1. a dark animated movie (skip to question 22)
  2. thriller/suspense (skip to question 23)


21. What intrigues you most ?

  1. Music (skip to answer ‘AH’)
  2. Imagination (skip to answer ‘AI’)
  3. haunted houses (skip to answer ‘AJ’)


ah. Your film is “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (1993), a stop-motion musical under one of Disney’s other movie companies. It follows Jack Skellington of Halloweentown, who is bored of the same old traditions and looks to spice things up by kidnapping a certain someone.


ai. Your film is “Coraline” (2009), a stop-motion film directed by Henry Selick about a girl who, while discovering her new house, finds a secret door that leads to another world similar to hers. It’s soooooo good.


aj. Your film is “Monster House” (2006), an animated film about a trio of kids who believe the old man’s house across the street is haunted. Or alive. This movie is genius in its story, backstory, and its choice for its cast of voices. This is an unforgettably good film.


22. Which would you prefer?

  1. something that feels real; something that could happen (skip to question 24)
  2. something mind-bending; like what is even going on (skip to question 26)


23. Do you like it when it relates to you as a teen?

  1. yes, i want teens (skip to answer ‘AK’)
  2. no i don’t want something as close to home (skip to question 25)


ak. Your film is “Super Dark Times” (2017), a film about two teenage boys who have been lifelong friends and how their friendship and their minds start to escalate down a road of paranoia and violence. I wonderful film. I think I may go rewatch it now. Bye, bye.



  1. give me something in a different time period (skip to answer ‘(skip to answer ‘AL’)
  2. gathering of old friends. always goes well (skip to answer ‘AM’)
  3. a classic (skip to answer ‘AN’)


al. Your film is “1922” (2017), a Netflix Original film based on Stephen King’s novella of the same name.  Eerie music? Check. Great story? Check. Bone chilling? Check. Dark? Double Check. Oh, and triple check it out. 


am. Your film is “The Invitation” (2015). This movie is a slow paced, but an interesting film about a group of friends being invited over for a get together after years of not seeing one another. It’s got to end well, right? Right?


an. Your film is “The Silence of the Lambs” (1991). Dark FBI case. Sociopath’s psychology. Hannibal the cannibal. Jodie Foster. Enough said. Except it’s an excellent film


25. One more question: a cult or Jake Gyllenhaal?

  1. a cult (skip to answer ‘AO’)
  2. give me jake! (skip to answer ‘ (skip to answer ‘AP’)


ao. Your film is “The Endless” (2017), a mind-bending story about two brothers who visit the UFO death cult they once escaped from as kids. But this friendly trip down memory lane gets far more personal than either one wants.


ap. Your film is “Donnie Darko” (2001), an extremely mind-bending tale that will have you wondering what is going on in the movie, and have you questioning what went on ten years after watching it. Who is Donnie Darko? Donnie Darko is one of those films that, once you do understand what happened, will leave you in a jaw-dropping awe and have your heartstrings tugged at.


26. What are you looking for from a laughable horror movie?

  1. a horror movie that was bad extremely cheaply, is outrageous, and usually has bad acting (skip to question 28)
  2. a movie that used to be scary in the day, but is now amusing to watch (skip to question 32)


27. Do you want it to be hilariously bad quality?

  1. Yes (skip to question 2)
  2. no, give me a little better (skip to answer ‘AQ’)


aq. Your film is “Curse of Chucky” (2013), a movie filled with clichés and cringe-worthy acting and even worse story. But, with friends, it is a good laugh to watch all of this play out.


28. Are you scared of clowns?

  1. Yes (skip to question 31)
  2. No (skip to question 20)


29. Irish clown or American clown?

  1. Irish (skip to answer ‘AR’)
  2. American (skip to answer ‘AS’)


ar. Your film is “Stitches”(2012), a movie about a clown who gets killed and then comes back to life to later on haunt the kids who’s birthday party he was at at the time. Just imagine a bunch of “Oye’s” and bad special effects with super bad acting. Yeah.


as. Your film is “Terrifier” (2016), a movie about a maniacal clown terrorizes three young women and anyone else in his way on Halloween night. it’s better than “Stitches”, but the acting is so bad, I couldn’t finish it by myself. the bad acting scared me away.


30. Do you like thanksgiving?

  1. yes, i love turkeys (skip to answer ‘AT’)
  2. No. (skip to answer ‘AU’)


at. Your film is “ThanksKilling” (2008), a short movie about a possessed turkey terrorizing five college students during Thanksgiving break. It’s actually got hilarious dialogue and just feels like a college student’s comedy film project. It’s extremely enjoyable, even by yourself, but if you have people to laugh with it’ll make the experience even better.


au. Your film is “Tales from the Hood 2” (2018), is a horror-comedy anthology film. A dumbed down version of the relatively better and decent movie “Tales from the Hood” in 1995.


31. What scares you most?

  1. Forests (skip to answer ‘AV’)
  2. Nightmares (skip to answer ‘AW’)
  3. a slow walking person (skip to answer ‘AX’)
  4. odd people (skip to answer ‘AY’)


av. Your films are the “Friday the 13th” franchise. Filmed with hormonal teens being chased by a hockey-masked zombie in the forest, small towns, and even the Big Apple. Crazy.


aw. Your films are the “Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise. Plenty of Nightmares to go around. The first one has Johnny Depp. The second one is the best one. Go for it!


ax. Your films are the “Halloween” franchise. Halloween is one of the oldest horror franchises, and in comparison, it’s actually one of the best. A serial killer stalking people and killing them. Nothing better than that. A classic slasher!


ay. Your film is “Beetlejuice” (1988), a film directed by Tim Burton and is just a whole bunch of weird. But it’s a good and enjoyable kind of weird. That’s what happens when you open up the door into a. whole other world of ghosts and monsters that are people to… in a way.