Emily Shipman: Should Teachers Be Armed with Guns in School?

Emily Shipman, writer

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    In the year 2018 alone there were 82 school shootings in the U.S. This fact is shocking and devastating to many around the country. Out of anger and sadness, many people are blaming gun companies and the lack of gun laws for this major setback our country faces. However, lashing out at gun companies and taking away guns from law abiding citizens is not what will keep children and teens safe from murderers. In fact, arming teachers is what will ultimately keep American schools from the harm of school shooters.

“Schools are just sitting ducks because people know that you are not permitted to carry in schools and that just makes them vulnerable,” Woofter from Education Week said.

If someone is planning on murdering hundreds of kids at a school, the fact that there is gun control there isn’t going to stop them. What will stop them is a teacher with a license to carry that loves their students and wants no harm to come to them. Obviously, there would be many concerns about what teachers are carrying guns. It would need to be teachers that are choosing the responsibility of protecting their students, and also that have experience with firearms.

“Yes, it is true, guns in the wrong hands can harm or end a life. Likewise,  a gun in the right hands can protect and save lives,” The Denver Post said.

The argument against putting guns in the hands of educators is usually prompted by emotion and fear. Yes, it sounds scary to have weapons distributed throughout the school, but guns in the right hands can make students feel safe from harm and possibly keep potential threats away by scaring them off.

“I think teachers should have guns so they can keep their students safe,” Matthew Thomas (10) said, “As long as the teacher can legally carry a gun and the school knows about it, I don’t see a problem.”

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