Aiming High


Isabella MacAllister, Writer

Midlothian Heritage High School varsity volleyball team has held a high reputation in the past years. From losing really strong players and a consistent winning streak of the previous year, this years varsity team has a lot to live up to.

    The volleyball players have made a strong start to the season. The girls on the team have made a stronger effort to make sure their team will go far. They are concentrating on team bonding, communication, self-focus, and taking things slowly to reach the goal they want to achieve.   

    “There is a lot of valuable experience on the team right now,” Coach Shay Asay said. “We have a big senior class, most of which having last year’s playoff experience behind them. That veteran experience will be a big deal when it comes to playoff time. I also think we can give a lot of teams issues at the net. Our defensive specialists have all done amazing. Not many balls get past them.”  

    Players on the team have become more involved with each other and the sport itself. They are putting more work into the game and making volleyball less about winning and more about teamwork.

    “I do have confidence that my team will make it to state,”  Elizabeth Haralson said. “Right now as we continue playing different teams we are focusing on our individual goals and taking things day by day rather than focusing on our ultimate goal which is state. I have confidence in my team and believe that we will do whatever it takes to get there.”

    The varsity team is shooting for further goals and bigger plans this year. They are working closer than ever before and making it more about a family than just a team.

    “The most important thing for a team is to keep a positive culture and environment, creating a place where others feel like they can take risks, be aggressive, and know that they are fighting as a team and not as individuals,” Coach Timmi Blackshear said.