Let the Devil In

Hunter Spears, Photography Editor

The critically acclaimed movie “A Star is Born” was released and earned many positive reviews from various professional review sites. So on that weekend, I decided to see Venom, which is currently sitting at a comfortable 30 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. While I’m probably in the minority to say I enjoyed it, I don’t plan on convincing you to see this movie unless you have nothing much going on in your life (Such as my own. I did see the film after all) I’ll try my best to keep this spoiler free, and if I do spoil something it won’t be critical to the story. I’ll start with two positives then end with two negatives. At the end of the review, I won’t go in depth, but I will state things that I liked and didn’t like about the film.

To start off, cinematography. To me, the cinematography is just as important to a film as the story itself and although this film isn’t “La La Land” when it comes to it, it’s definitely impressive. The satisfying angles and colors just make this movie nice to look at.

Secondly, let’s talk about the main character that is Eddie Brock. He, of course, is played by Tom Hardy, a man I would die for. But that’s not why I love Eddie. In the film, he gives off an almost Spider-man feel. What I mean by that is the charisma and the need to do good. Not just that, but when it came to the actual Venom symbiote being attached to him, the side effect that came with that just radiated off of him. The acting and writing for Eddie were superb.

Now onto the bad stuff. Let’s start with the editing. It’s not terrible, but it’s not good. In multiple scenes where it’s just two people talking there would be constant angle changes every 2 seconds like it was a fight scene. Another problem that comes from doing that is the continuity. One character would be looking one way, then another way without any explanation, and then some background characters would just disappear entirely. Not just that, but it would cut into the middle of a different scene out of nowhere a few times, almost back to back, leaving the audience with no time to breath and is left in confusion with what’s happening. It felt like a trailer at some points.

Secondly, the villain. Now, he doesn’t kill the movie but don’t go in expecting something big out of him. One thing I will applaud him for though is his charisma and persuasiveness throughout the film. Not only was it convincing in the story but it was convincing to the audience as well. But that’s where it ends. He has little motivation that isn’t built upon except by a few lines every now and then, what intellect is said that he has isn’t shown at all, and is all and all just another generic and forgettable villain.

Other stuff I also liked about the film was the acting, CGI, comedy, Venom, some of the choreography, the side characters, and the voice acting. Other stuff I disliked about the film was the motivation of all the characters, how rushed it felt, character relationships, and the storytelling.

Would I recommend you go see this? If you’re a fan of superhero movies or have nothing else to do, it’s a fun film to watch! Go ahead. As for everyone else, it’s definitely a better film than the highly critical reviews say, so it’s up to you.