Senior Night


Kaci Wiens, Staff Member

For seniors, the last home Varsity basketball game is a big deal. They’ve spent four years working their way from the freshman team to the leaders of the entire program, and this is their last chance to represent the school and instill a legacy in their name.

Before the game against Alvarado, each senior was announced and walked to the center of the court with their families.  The announcer read off the players favorite memories with the team, advice to younger players, and their future plans.

“When it came to advice for future players, that was the cool part, because we got to tell other players of our experience on the Varsity team,” said Isaac Rangel (12). “We also got to give helpful advice to kids that will soon be on Varsity. So that was kind of cool.”

Since tonight was all about the seniors, everyone made sure they felt special.

“We got called by our nicknames right there in the middle of the court in front of everyone, so I felt pretty special,” said Isaac Rangel (12).

Senior Michael Holland enjoyed the time with his teammates.

“My favorite part of the night was being with all my teammates that I’ve known for a few years now,” said Michael Holland (12).

This is one of the last moments the senior players will get with each other.

“There’s eight seniors on Varsity. It was kind of cool to see what their plans are after high school,” said Isaac Rangel (12).

Though this is the last home game, the Varsity team is working hard to make it to playoffs and make the most of their time.

“Senior night definitely showed me that I don’t have much time left with these guys,” said Michael Holland (12). “We’re going to make playoffs and we’re going to make it last.”