Varsity Girls Take a Hard loss


Erin Rivera, Writer

The crowd slowly grew louder as the Girls Varsity Basketball team made their way to center court where they would face Glen Rose yet again.

Our varsity girls team was going to Glen Rose in search of redemption. They wanted to show Glen Rose just what they were really made of after taking a hard loss to them once, but to no prevail the Jags took a hard loss yet again.

“I feel that we had the chance to win, but we just let it go. We forced our shots and refused to box out,”Blythe Williams (9) said.

With varsity having a 6-6 season, another loss was really not an option but Glen Rose certainly forced them to take the loss.

“I feel like we started off strong until the second quarter. We just lost it emotionally and it cost us that game,” Saige Klor (10) said.

Varsity had about 16 turn overs that night – 11 of them being self-inflicted – resulting in a extremely long practice after school.

“We worked hard and tried our best, but I feel that we wouldn’t have lost if our passes wouldn’t have been weak and if we wouldn’t have turned the ball over so much,” said Saige Klor (10).

Varsity Girls will continue in post season playoffs where they will compete for the district championship.