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Powerlifting is one of the less popular sports that most sports fans don’t keep up with, but this year that may change. Though it’s only the second year that the school has a team, more and more students have been joining and spreading the word.

Coach Chris Terry has worked hard to train the team so that the Heritage Jaguars can make their name known. The students and coaches are up at 6:00 a.m. three days a week to lift weights and get their bodies in shape for upcoming powerlifting meets. This includes “maxing out” (lifting as much as possible), maintaining weight to be in a certain weight class, and keeping positive attitudes.

Powerlifting is a sport different than others, as explained by coach Chris Terry.

“What’s unique about powerlifting is that it’s not necessarily a team sport,” said Chris Terry. “It’s based more on your totals. And those totals, they play into team awards. There are team awards at the end, but it’s more geared towards the athlete themselves and how he or she performs.”

Senior Preston Smith can attest to the fact that powerlifting is a tough sport, and not for the faint of heart.

“The hardest thing about powerlifting would definitely be waking up in the morning and actually going,” said Preston Smith (12). “You have to tell yourself, ‘hey, you’re going to do this,’ and you’ll reap the benefits.”

While powerlifting is about pushing your body to the furthest limit, safety is one of the most important factors to remember.

“Safety is important because of injury prevention,” said Chris Terry. “But also because if you’re going in there and acting a fool in the weight room, it could harm others as well.”

Next to heavy lifting and safety, the athletes have learned many lessons from Coach Terry.

“Powerlifting has taught me the you need to prepare for something before the deadline comes,” said Preston Smith (12). “It’s also taught me that if you want something in life, the only person that can give it to you is yourself.”

Chris Terry works to teach lifters how to do things right, and to do them with the right mindset.

“I’m trying to teach lifters how to lift, whether it’s squat, bench press, or deadlift,” said Chris Terry. “On top of that, I’m really big on not just going in there and lifting, but understanding why we’re lifting. I was want my lifters to be smart.”

Powerlifting is a very technical sport that takes dedication, concentration, and attention to detail.

“Powerlifting is kind of like golf. You might have a good day, you might have a bad day,” said Chris Terry. “There’s so many controllable factors when it comes to being an athlete, whether it’s your diet, nutrition, or training somewhere else that affects your performance. Each athlete is different, and it does take lots of dedication and lots of practice, because when you start getting into those heavier loads, technique plays a big, big role into it.”

Senior Preston Smith puts loads of time into this sport–not just to be a good lifter, but to satisfy his drive to challenge his body.

“I lift for that feeling of complete discomfort that you get,” said Preston Smith (12). “I lift so that I encounter obstacles, because that feeling of overcoming an obstacle is like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Putting weight on the bar and just getting underneath there, saying to yourself, ‘alright, I got this,’ and doing it, there is no better feeling than that.”

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