Beauty and the Beast Rehearsals – October 27, 2016

Kaci Wiens, Staff Member

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The Beauty and the Beast actors and actresses have spent weeks learning lines, getting to know their characters, and practicing the music. As the musical gets closer day by day, the thespians spend hours after school preparing for the show and fixing the last details to make the play the best it can be.

The students gather in the auditorium, practicing their lines and dancing.

“My favorite part is the dance rehearsal, because I love to dance, and it’s a lot of fun,” said Stella Kandal (11).

As the weeks have gone by, the show has slowly been coming together.

“I love seeing everyone act and bring the show to life,” said Brayden Gray (11).

The musical is on November 15th, 2016. The cast has been putting lots of work to be prepared for the show.

“I was a little scared we wouldn’t be ready, but after practice you can really see that we’ve all been putting work in, and as long as we keep it up, we’ll be ready for the performance,” said Brayden Gray (11).

One of the most important parts to making the show a success is making sure the actors and actresses know their characters well.

“I’m really getting into my character,” said Brayden Gray (11). “I’ll say things that Cogsworth says. Yesterday I used the word ‘rubbish’ which is a line from the show, so I’m pretty much going crazy. I’ve definitely become the character, and the character has become me.”

But even the small roles carry a large weight in the play. The chorus members have been working just as hard as the main characters.

“I’m a villager, and then I’m a spoon,” said Stella Kandal (11). “It’s a lot of fun.”

Most of the cast members would agree that learning lines are a challenge.

“Lines have been the hardest part of the musical,” said Brayden Gray (11). “I have a million lines.”

The thespians spend so much time together that they’ve become a family.

“Everyone kind of helps everyone,” said Stella Kandal (11). “I really like that.”

Recently, the show added a fun factor to the show–elementary kids. These students will play the role of children in the village and smaller characters.

“We got the kids yesterday, and I love it,” said Brayden Gray (11). “They have so much energy. Seeing them excited makes everyone excited.”

Every week, the cast stresses how much they want people to come see the show.

“We put a lot of work into it and I hope people come and enjoy it,” said Brayden Gray (11).


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