Coffeehouse Choir Concert

Kaci Wiens, Staff Member

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Choir students mill around the stage and floor, talking to family and friends just minutes before the choir concert. Since there’s no football game on Friday night, Heritage students and parents opted for the Coffeehouse performance.

Attendees are grabbing coffee and cake from the concessions and making their way into the auditorium as the vocalists file into position. The lights dim and Cliff Carbone, the choir director, introduces the choir. The crowd applauds and the choir begins singing their way through the concert.

“I liked the fact that it was a relaxed atmosphere for this concert,” said Tyson Wiens (9).

The concert was a mix of solos, duets, and the entire choir singing.

“I wasn’t nervous, I’m never nervous,” said soloist Anna Traylor (12).

The concert ran smoothly with little to no hiccups. They say practice makes perfect, and it was clear the choir had put time into learning these songs.

“We had to practice every day during class, and we had to work on facial expressions to make it energetic,” said Tyson Wiens (9).

Nearing the end of the concert, the choir sang an upbeat song. The crowds faces broke into smiles and audience members began clapping to the beat of the music.

“My favorite part was when we all got up and sang ‘I Sing Because I’m Happy’ because it was so fun to sing with everyone,” said Anna Traylor (12). “That song and our harmonies lit up the room.”

Finally, the choir all linked arms and sang the Heritage High School song. This is a tradition at the end of every choir concert.

“Choir concerts have always been my favorite thing to do for the school,” said Anna Traylor (12). “I can be more myself and I’m more confident when I perform in front of everyone.”

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