Choir Sings The Night Away

Erin Rivera, Writer

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The lights start to dim and red glows from center stage as the Varsity choir starts to sing their first song. This would be the very beginning of an amazing night full of laughs, singing, and good food!

On Friday, September 30th the Varsity, Women’s and Men’s choirs gathered in the Cafeteria to give their first performance of the year. Many students had their very first solo tonight and it was groundbreaking for many students’ solo singing careers.

“I had a solo tonight and I was really just nervous at first but after a while I really just got comfortable and at home on the stage,” said Jon Sanders (10). “It was an amazing night I enjoyed seeing everyone who came to support me.”

Men’s choir had an amazing night as well. They all gathered on stage looking like a close family, and the audience could tell how much time they put into this just by their they interactions with each other.

” Men’s choir is so fun and the people in the choir start becoming like a family after a while,” said Spencer Childs (9). “We can just chill and sing and just have fun. I really love it!”

As they transition, Women’s choir shuffled onto the stage and got into place where Mckenna Cooper (9) would start them off with her solo. They were proud of the performance they gave, they had an awesome night, and sang their hearts out!

“I think we did good tonight, we did a lot better after practicing but I think tomorrow night will be a lot better for sure,” said Ashlyn Putman (9). “Tonight was really fun! We had a great night and put forth a lot of effort!”

As this first choir concert came to an end, we all gathered and linked arms to sing the Jaguar Pride song. We came together and finished the night not as a choir and it’s audience but as a Jaguar family!

“My favorite part of the night was when we all gathered together and sang the Jaguar song,” said Alan Ramirez (12). “I’m a senior and this is my last year in high school choir and I can’t say I won’t miss it, but I’m very glad I got to be apart of this family!”

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