OPINION: ‘A Girl Like Her’ Shines Light on Bullying

Kailey McComas, Contributor

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Bullying is becoming a bigger issue due to advancing technology, particularly for high school teenagers. Through heart-wrenching scenes of ridicule and victimised by teenage girls, “A Girl Like Her” (2015), successfully portrays the cold truth of modern day bullying. The classic, brutal mean girl, Avery Keller (played by Hunter King) is the source of her classmate Jessica Burns’s (played by Lexi Ainsworth) attempted suicide, which caused Avery  to lay unconscious in the hospital.

Jessica’s best and only friend Brian Slater, played by Jimmy Bennett, tries to help Jessica get evidence of Avery victimizing her. After Jessica’s attempted suicide, a group does an investigation to find out why Jessica did such a thing to herself. Jessica’s story slowly unravels throughout the movie. This film hits the mark of reality for current high school teenagers. It is known that kids can be cruel, and technology, although it does have its benefits, has given those kids a new tool for bullying.

The casting was very well done. Ainsworth did an exceptional job portraying the pain that she was receiving emotionally from King, who did an amazing job of showing how cruel a bully can be. In every school across the country, there is bullying. It is inevitable, but can be contained through the awareness of the entire population, no matter their age.

This film tugs at all the right heartstrings to make people more conscious of how they speak to others and think about how everything one says affects another. I have been bullied and have witnessed bullying of this nature probably every day this year. “A Girl Like Her” is very accurate through my eyes and is on par with real life.

I highly recommend “A Girl Like Her” because it teaches a lesson in a way no other work has. It is honest even though the honesty is not what people want to hear.

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