Choir Concert Information

Ashlyn Byars, Newspaper Editor

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The Choir students of MHHS are having their first ever Christmas concert, put together by Cliff Carbone. The three different class periods will be performing different songs that they have been spending time after time, day after day on, trying to make this a perfect performance for their audience.  

“I’m really excited about the scenery of the choir concert because everyone will be dressed in the 1940’s and everything will be in that style,” said Taylor Howell (11).

For both the Thursday night the 17th of December and Saturday night the 19th of December concerts are dinner and dessert concert, but only Saturday afternoon the 19th of December is the dessert concert only. The dessert only tickets are five dollars apiece and the dinner tickets are ten dollars apiece.

“I’m going to be in the performance to tap dance with some of the other belles,” said Anna Ussery (9).

All three performances will be held in the Cafeteria of Heritage high school. Unfortunately Friday, December 11th was the last day to purchase reserved seating. So, if you are planning on attending any of the concerts you will need to buy your tickets at the door which will enter the back of the school and only be able to buy dessert tickets. The seats that will be available will be in the back, but sitting anywhere in the cafeteria you are guaranteed a excellent performance.   

“I’m excited about being able to sing with my friends and make memories,” said Jordan Elliott (11).

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